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Month: July, 2014

Starvation versus opulence

Look – stupid working class pleb. Don’t you realise we gave you the gift of starvation. Its from the highest of high places. Just listen to the fucking genius Edwina Currie: “I get very, very troubled at the number of people who are using food banks who think that it’s fine to pay to feed their dog, their dog is in good nick and beautiful, but they never learn to cook, they never learn to manage and the moment they’ve got a bit of spare cash they’re off getting another tattoo. We should feel (fucking) cross about this, all of us.”

Someone who knows about starvation is Matthew Oakley. He writes: “A research programme I’m involved in at Leeds University has heard from other people, such as Chloe, who was sanctioned for not doing enough to find work. “Four to eight weeks with no money is pretty alarming when you’ve got kids and bills and a house to run. I think I’ve cried solid for two weeks. I can’t cope,” she told researchers. As Rosie, another single mother from the study put it: “They’re all right saying that you’re sanctioned as a punishment for not going in [for an appointment] but what am I and my son meant to eat? If that’s the only money we’re getting, what are we meant to do?” I thought “sanctions” were for criminal countries who pose a threat to the world. But now I know they are used against ordinary citizens too.” http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jul/29/benefits-sanctions-matthew-oakley-report-hunger

“This is not a recession, this is a bloody robbery” Chunky Mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao0enbw1R1g

Chris Mould, the chairman of the Trussell Trust is someone who understands hunger. He wrote in April 2014 this: “It’s been extremely tough for a lot of people, with parents not eating properly in order to feed their children and more people than ever experiencing seemingly unfair and harsh benefits sanctions.” http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/apr/16/million-people-britain-food-banks-religious-leaders-faith-groups But these are still early days, the food banks have not collapsed yet. The food bank crisis is important for the Scottish referendum. Use of food banks is high in Scotland: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/hunger-crisis-number-scots-relying-3417981 Glasgow food bank ran out in February 2014: http://www.collapsenet.com/free-resources/collapsenet-public-access/news-alerts/item/12264-food-bank-feeding-the-poor-in-scotland-runs-out-of-food

Many women are particularly hit by austerity. 2/3 of women are in debt, while 2.2 million are ‘breadwinners’: http://www.opendemocracy.net/5050/samir-jeraj/food-bank-nation-women-in-home-poor-on-streets Its a particularly disgusting fact that single parents are one of the groups most under attack. The repeated attacks on these vulnerable, decent, caring people fills me with rage. It is these people who the government have thrown in the gutter who will bring down these numpties.

The Bullingdon Club is old news – take a look at the modern day toff fuckwits. Its a site called the Rich Kids of Snapchat. “Far from having any concern for the rest of us, this ‘fun’ site worships money, fast cars, Gucci, luxury yachts and private jets, champagne and has an unhealthy interest in guns. Among the fun pictures are kids using £50 notes as toilet paper, £20 notes for tablecloths, handling guns to protect their estates from the (fucking)’peasants’, and commuting from home to public school by private helicopters or showing they have a £10m private bank account at Coutts.” http://davidhencke.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/class-war-2014-the-rich-kids-of-snapchat/

Now that the unctious bastard Lord Coe has dropped out of the BBC race the government have picked on another stooge, this time its the crypto fascist Nick Prettejohn, a City grandee, and an advisor to the super nob Osborne. The fuckwit Javid will make the final choice about the £110000 job: http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jul/29/city-grandee-nick-prettejohn-leading-contender-head-bbc-trust

As is well understood the legal aid reforms of the dull bastard Ken Clarke are now starting to bite the establishment in the arse. The family court system is now so stretched its near meltdown. Here is some of the solicitor Edwards, a family expert with the law firm Penningtons Manches: “We accept you can’t go back to [funding family cases all the way through] but if you have a system at breaking point that will be more costly. The family courts system is very, very, very stretched. We recently met the Association of District Judges [who deal with family cases in county courts] and they were virtually holding their heads in their hands and saying it’s very difficult. People who represent themselves are not negotiating. They need a lot of time and help. The judges are having to draft orders which is normally done by the parties. I have heard of cases being listed eight months in advance. ” http://www.theguardian.com/law/2014/jul/29/legal-aid-family-courts-breaking-point-lawyers Its just a small facet of being far up shit creek, but with nine months still to go to the GE expect the problem to fucking magnify.

The UK government is terrified by the possible arrival of ebola. The whole tool box is freaking out as they know the NHS would go down. COBRA committee is meeting to discuss it, chaired today by the nebbish Phil Hammond. Ebola has no cure, it has a 90% fatality rate, its a big problem if it comes here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jul/30/ebola-outbreak-uk-ministers-emergecny-cobra-meeting

The story of the queen mother is relevant to class war. This useless parasite turned the treasury into her own piggy bank. “She used the money to pay for eighty-three full-time staffers, including four footmen, two pages, three chauffeurs, a private secretary, an orderly, a housekeeper, five housemaids… the list goes on and on. She even insisted that it was a legitimate use of public funds to maintain a full-time ‘Ascot office’, whose job is to do nothing but keep a register of members of the Royal Enclosure and send them entry vouchers.
She presented this spending — enough to open and run a new hospital that would save thousands of lives every year — as an act of selfless patriotism. Michael Mann, the former Dean of Windsor who knew her very well, explained: “She feels that Britain is Great Britain and that, therefore, ours must be no banana court. To lower standards [i.e., her spending on champagne, caviar and limos] is to denigrate the country and, insofar as high standards require big spending, so be it.” When single mothers take 0.1 percent of this sum from the state, the same newspapers that laud Elizabeth as “the best of British” savage them as “scroungers.” If they refused to pay tax — as Elizabeth did — they would have been put in prison. The most striking aspect of Shawcross’ biography is that once she had contrived to marry, Elizabeth really didn’t do anything else for the rest of her life except spend, spend, spend — our money. He has to pad out whole decades. She didn’t even raise her own children: she would see them for an hour a day, and get them to chant: “We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. But to be fair, she did do one more thing. In her spare time, she supported far right politics. She was a passionate defender of appeasing Adolf Hitler, lobbying behind the scenes to garner support for Neville Chamberlain. The reasons are plain: even fifty years later, she bragged to Woodrow Wyatt that she had “reservations about Jews.”


Mounting Co-lateral Damage

Brilliant Chunky Mark, has said it like it is : “This is not a recession. This is a robbery” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao0enbw1R1g In the robbery which I prefer to call a pogrom, poor people are repeatedly taking the damage, as lives are trashed continuously. A recent case has been David Clapson, a diabetic aged 59. Mr Clapson had been a soldier for years, fighting and keeping the peace in Northern Ireland. The government stripped him of every penny he had, when they sanctioned him they left him to die from his diabetes, starving, penniless and alone. As his sister Gill writes “I think he just gave up. I want the lessons to be learned. I don’t want anybody else to die. He shouldn’t have died like that. You wouldn’t let an animal die like that, would you? I just look at food now and think, ‘My brother didn’t have any. My brother was not a scrounger. He was getting £71.70 a week. He was not living on ­champagne and caviar. They should have taken into account his past work and his condition.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/killed-benefits-cuts-starving-soldier-3923771 Mr Clapson joins the growing list ex soldiers who are denied benefits http://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/tory-party-declares-war-on-british-servicemen-and-women/ Ex service personnel are regularly pushed through humiliating assessments, such as Mr Champagnie and his struggles with a 1p coin: https://welfaretales.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/former-soldier-suffering-from-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-tells-of-humiliating-atos-medical-assessment/

Nowhere is the mounting collateral damage more visible than the disgusting sanctions. The staff of the job centres are now expected to sanction each other – the atmosphere is now fucking poisonous: https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/tag/part-time-workers/ The staff doling out the sanctions have some of my sympathy. But its been proven that the sanctions regime has nothing to do with fairness: http://intensiveactivity.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/oakley-sanctions-report-dwp-all-we-need-is-better-communication/

If you’re weak the bastards crush you. Filthy DC is running scared of his women’s issues. Many Tories beat women, they love trampling on the vulnerable. They have got in a tizzy at Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, where Tory Bernard Seargent caused waves over wife beating Tory bastard David Ruffley: http://order-order.com/2014/07/28/top-tory-nothing-wrong-with-candidate-who-assaults-girlfriend/ Turning on my computer this morning I read that the dumb-ass David Ruffley has stood down: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/conservative-mp-david-ruffley-to-step-down-following-domestic-violence-revelations-9634167.html This may stop an investigation by the fuckwit Gove, who was on the record last year as saying that domestic violence was a ‘lifestyle choice’: http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/07/gove-heads-ruffley-probe-implied-domestic-abuse-is-life-choice/

The localism act is a deliberate instrument of the pogrom, councils use it to attack the poor. It doesn’t matter if the boot is on a right leg or a left leg when you are lying in the gutter. There are many Labour councils who kick the poor, increasing the cycle of homelessness, spiralling rent and social cleansing: http://wire.novaramedia.com/2014/07/7-ways-the-localism-act-is-shafting-the-homeless-and-precariously-housed/

In these days you have to get your humour where you can. Some one has put a card board cut out of filthy DC on Amazon. Here are a few reviews http://kickingthecat.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/theres-a-cardboard-cutout-of-david-cameron-on-amazon-and-the-reviews-are-absolutely-hilarious/ :

On the rifle range it kept falling over in the wind. There was no warning in the description but even in our semi enclosed rifle range a small gust of wind made DC flap around and eventually fall over face down in the mud. We’ve tried weighing down the base with boxes of redundant child benefit claim forms but no avail. Works well indoors though and with a set of darts kept the children amused for hours.

Not strong enough – this product was very disappointing, after my archery class bought several they were destroyed within minutes, a very poor product.

Beautiful piece of history, I could spit on this for hours! If you get nothing out this year at least get this. Fun for all the family. My son kicked a hole in his balls the other day so I am not too pleased.

I bought this model and the Nick Clegg one. However on opening the box I realised that the Clegg one was firmly stuck to the backside of Cameron. Sadly I think it will take a lot of Labour to remove them from each other.

The NHS could become an area of massive collateral damage. The Tory toolbox are remorselessly running our cherished national institution into the ground: http://labourlist.org/2014/07/more-evidence-that-the-tories-are-running-the-nhs-into-the-ground/ . The khazers hate it – death, illness, morbidity, birth – forget all these, the only thing human misery is about is making money, and as we know money trumps human rights every time. If you get rid of the NHS you can make £200000000000. A fucking fortune, it was always bound to get the toffs salivating. Its sickening to watch as poor Andy Burnham flails around and the government say endless shit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28522286 But at the end of the day there is no denying that the NHS has been privatised via the back door. At the general election it will be in melt down, or, it may have melted. The result of the pogrom has not been felt yet but it will be by the general election. But the British people are decent, and already many medical professionals have been whistle-blowers. They were brave, but they were hounded out of their jobs with trumped up allegations: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/nhs-whistleblowers-who-were-hounded-7090582 Furthermore it looks like ebola is coming to UK: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/07/29/ebola-outbreak-uk-risk_n_5629271.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

Continuing the life of royal leisure enjoyed by Prince Harry who was in Glasgow on Monday at the Commonwealth Games. He’s reappeared in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday at a posh garden party, drinking a pint and wearing an irritating hat: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hats-prince-harry-celebrates-pint-3919095 The ‘rebellious prince’ has no end of admirers. All kinds of celebrities say they would be interested. Katie Price for example said “ “A bit of ginge? I wouldn’t say no to a bit of ginge!” Meanwhile Adele said “I’m after Prince Harry. I know I said I wouldn’t go out with a ginger, but it’s Prince Harry! I’d be a real duchess then. I’d love a night out with him, he seems like a right laugh.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/prince-harrys-admirers-ten-celebrities-3476237

So – socialism for the parasites, rampant jungle capitalism for the plebs.

Pogrom III

Brilliant Butler has written recently about the Fitness For Work Tests of the Tory filth. A committee of MPs recently looked at it and concluded it should be stopped. Weak Labour are unable to say right now they will scrap it: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jul/23/disability-fitness-tests-flawed, its such an essential part of the pogrom that its bound to make ‘Red Ed’ scratch his bollocks. Labour are going on about what a strong leader ‘Red Ed’ is: http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2014/07/25/why-labour-should-let-miliband-be-miliband Disabled people, single parents, unemployed people, staff in the NHS and people just out of their luck will tell you this is a load of bollocks. If ‘decent’ Red Ed gave a fuck he could have stopped the filthy pogrom. He could have taken a stand against the government, he could have told all his councillors to fight Pickles.

People say to me, nothing is happening, nothing has changed, and the truth is that accurate information is hard to come by. False Economy campaign can access some data using freedom of information requests. Official figures from the ludicrously named Ministry of Justice showed that between January and March 2014 landlords in England and Wales went to court to make 47,220 claims to repossess property – the equivalent of 525 a day: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/may/08/threat-tenant-evictions-highest-10-years-repossessions, or 191625 per year. There are an unknown number of benefit cap evictions, and council tax arrears are increasing sharply. The fuckwits in the government have a cunning plan for this – they are now saying that if you are homeless it is not the responsibility of the government. The Department for Communities and Local Government(DCLG) said Brandon Lewis, the new housing minister, would not have the housing brief in his portfolio. Kris Hopkins, the former housing minister, and also a disgraceful shit head, will instead continue to be in charge of homelessness policy, as a reflection of the ‘importance of the issue’, said the DCLG. The Communities secretary, the grotesque bastard Eric Pickles said: ‘We’ve maintained a strong safety net to ensure anyone facing the threat of homelessness has access to the help they need – and we’re determined that this continue. That’s why I want a minister dedicated to (fucking up) focusing on this important issue and so I’ve asked Kris Hopkins, alongside his local government role, to continue his work on homelessness policy.’ http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/care/homelessness-axed-from-housing-ministers-brief/7004848.article There is nothing strong about the safety net, it is shredded, its no longer fit for purpose. One of the responsibilities of the new housing minister, the shit-stain Brandon Lewis is the housing development in the flood plain Ebbsfleet – another brain-child of the fucking master-mind Osborne, the grimacing khazer who is ploughing £200000000 into this complete bollocks: http://www.masonryfirst.com/newsItem.asp?newsID=3204&newsCategory=General

He may be busy organising the pogrom, but the frightening shite on the bottom of my shoes Pickles, found time to cut the ribbon a few weeks ago when the grim putz opened the new sensory garden at Brentwood Hospital. As he cut the ribbon the jocular nebbish said: “This is a friendly hospital and you have made it even more friendly with the planting and painting you have done. We can now say Brentwood Community Hospital is a very smelly place….in a good way!” http://www.ericpickles.com/newsarticle.php?id=2046 The joking bastard is unlikely to have anything to laugh about by the end of 2014. The mega doofus will have a central role in the fracking disaster, he’ll have the last say in all planning decisions. Areas most targeted are particularly in the Bowland basin of the north-west, a central belt of Scotland and the Weald in the south-east although half of the UK is advertised for exploration, the fools even include National Parks: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jul/28/fracking-expansion-uk-drilling-national-parks-safeguards Its going to add to the Scottish hatred.

When we talk of the evil McVey woman it is best to read opines of the frothing Tory Sarah Vine: “McVey told Grazia (glossy mag) that she hasn’t married or had children because she ‘never found anyone to wind her biological clock’. It’s the kind of sharp remark that she specialises in. It’s also, I suspect, a bit of a fib. If I remember rightly, half the current Cabinet would have cheerfully ‘wound her clock’ if she’d given them a glimmer of a chance. But she’s got bags more class than that”. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2702121/Half-cabinet-wound-Esther-McVeys-clock-shed-given-half-chance-writes-SARAH-VINE.html Just imagine that. The spite, the vitriol, the disgusting lack of empathy and humility shown by this fiend. She may smile for the cameras and wave her ‘gold mane’ around but everyone knows she has a heart of darkness. When the chips are down the hateful trollop will be surrounded by rage. She thinks she’s above the law, but her constituency is close to the Bootle front line.

Liz Truss the new environmental secretary is a frothing Tory. She famously described the British as “among the most idle people in the world”, is a champion of low taxation, thinks Gove is awesome and has been described as “the next Margaret Thatcher”. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/john-niven-david-cameron-charge-3886152 While the seething Tory may not be murdering disabled people in the same vein as the atrocious Esther McVey, the disgrace is helping to murder the NHS. She is very involved in the implementation of endless shit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, and regular meets with her local CCG and East of England Ambulance Service Trust: http://www.elizabethtruss.com/campaigns/healthcare Having an education at Oxford is unlikely to be of help when the shit hits the fan. When NHS in meltdown takes centre stage – what do you think she will be doing?

But its not all doom and gloom. The Duchess of Cornwall got herself in a royal giggle when she was offered a manager’s knee to sit on in a bakery in Edinburgh. Soon after the toff was also confronted with a set of risqué mannequins but appeared none the worse for the experience. It was a part of Charlie’s annual tour of Scotland http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2701478/The-Duchess-Cornwall-giggles-offered-seat-Scottish-bakery-managers-knee-impromptu-group-photo.html

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at a weekend wedding at Batcombe in Somerset for one of Willie’s Eton chums. Kate’s dress has been described as “de Gournay silver and marble grey hand-painted silk chinoiserie dress”, while her hat was a cream Jane Corbett piece she wore to Order of the Garter in 2012. Tomorrow and Tuesday The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. http://hrhduchesskate.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/calendar-updates-georges-swimming.html Yes, its permanent leisure for the toffs, and permanent austerity for the plebs. Doff your cap or you’ll be kicked in the gutter, on second thoughts you’ll be kicked in the gutter anyhow.

The Delayed Starting Gun

Rage of the degree not seen in uk comprehensively ever before is now ripening. I am not a prophet – I see what I see. The Scottish election marks a convenient delayed starting gun. Its close, its still too close to call. Opinions differ on whether dirty DC wants to lose Scotland, but he may do. DC hates Scotland so much he is prepared to spend the last two weeks before the referendum there: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jul/23/david-cameron-basing-himself-scotland-ahead-referendum But the toff nebbish is under instructions from the Oz bulldog. Propaganda also exists from Scots: http://wingsoverscotland.com/infrequently-asked-questions/#more-58865 Its impossible for us uniformed observers to know what is what. The ‘NO’ side are hiding complacency, and yet they know that filthy DC is hated in Scotland. If Scots think that DC is likely to get in Westminster again then they vote ‘YES’, but there are also a massive 30% of Scots who are undecided: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/inside-westminster-the-scottish-referendum-is-a-judgement-of-both-the-head-and-heart-9287754.html They are the Scots who will be voting ‘YES’ as the pogrom intensifies.

This is fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIQWaBbURlY#!

This description of Esther McVey is worthy of merit, from the Daily Heil (published in Private Eye (no.1371): “She sashayed into Downing Street, offering a glimpse of thigh-high slit skirt. And after Esther McVey’s meeting with the prime minister…her blonde mane was thrown backwards as in a shampoo advert”.

The housing bubble is less stable then they admit in public: http://www.londonlovesbusiness.com/property/residential-property/five-reasons-why-the-london-property-bubble-will-burst/5892.article We are now so far up shit creek that we can hardly see the wood for the trees. They tell us only the shit they want us to hear. They will be forced to use their biggest weapon to try and stop the pesky bubble inflating – the so called nuclear option: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/may/06/bank-of-england-housing-property-bubble-nuclear

Its taken some time for mega shmuk Osborne to accept there is even a bubble: http://blogs.ft.com/westminster/2014/06/is-this-the-moment-osborne-admits-there-is-a-london-housing-bubble/
William Zimmern is a senior economist, and wrote this in July 2014: ‘We don’t believe the housing market is overheating at a national level yet, although evidence of a bubble in London is stronger.’ http://www.propertywire.com/news/europe/uk-residential-property-prices-201407109338.html Looks like that shit will hit the fan in the next few months: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/homeowners-beware-boris-s-vision-london-economy Come on George you dolt – you don’t have to be a genius to see what’s coming.

Pillocks in the grass roots Labour party saw off an attempt to get rid of austerity measures at the National Policy Forum by 125 votes to 14: http://m.kingstonguardian.co.uk/news/national/news/11353378.Labour_sees_off_austerity_block_bid/?ref=fbshr The twerps need to hear the starting gun. These idiots think that disabled people, the unemployed, the NHS, vulnerable people and people simply down on their luck are two weak to fire the starting gun. We’ll have to change their minds.

The firing of the starting gun will be too late for Stuart Holley, 23, who hung himself. This proud man who tried to provide for his family became collateral damage of the Tory cunts: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/unemployed-dad-desperate-work-hanged-3901063#.U9ApEv8gf4s.twitter

During the wait for the starting gun, council tax arrears are rocketing: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/exclusive-council-tax-rises-hit-britains-poor-hardest-9627235.html Importantly it also effects Scotland: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Government/local-government/17999/counciltax

At the same time the chronically evil Grayling is leaving a trail, its going to be fucking easy to follow: http://www.politics.co.uk/news/2014/07/25/privatisation-lottery-admission-shows-grayling-misled-the-co Grayling is destined for implosions all of his own, but when the time comes the whole lot will implode as one. No one can predict when this time will be, but history has a habit of repeating itself. That’s why I am picking 05 November. But as I say I am not a prophet – I am just an over educated disabled man who can read the signs.

Young Prince George was showered with gifts on his first birthday. Here are a few: Sudocrem commissioned the jewellery designer Theo Fennell to create an 18ct white gold bracelet in honour of George’s birth. Complete with a charm-sized nappy rash cream holder, the present was worth £10,000; The city of Darwin in Australia gave the newborn a crocodile that had hatched the day his conception was announced. George the Royal Crocodile lives at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin and has his own Facebook page with more than 2,700 likes; filthy DC and his wife, Samantha, sent George a Roald Dahl box set; Auntie Pippa ‘moron’ Middleton commissioned the sculptors Wrightson & Platt to craft silver castings of George’s hands and feet at a reported cost of £7,000; The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in New Zealand gave George a handmade First World War-style flying helmet lined with possum fur; India Hicks – the designer and former model, 678th in line to the throne herself (she is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma), sent George a pair of monogrammed cufflinks from her own Love Letters range: the pope gave The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were presented by Pope Francis with a lapis lazuli orb featuring a silver cross of St Edward the Confessor. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/prince-george/10974108/An-A-Z-of-gifts-bestowed-on-Prince-George-in-his-first-year.html

The Stink of Money

Whatever they do, the Tories can never escape the stink of money. Whether its the crazed Chernukhin woman with her tennis match between the twerp Bojo and the dirty schlong DC: http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/07/tories-russian-donors-even-lord-ashcroft-is-complaining/ or the filthy Tory lobbying that DC denies – look at the bastards: http://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2014/07/01/access-all-ministers-billionaires-and-lobbyists-at-lavish-party-with-david-cameron/ The rancid Tory vermin maybe talking shit about sanctions with Russia, but at the same time the trade in arms to Moscow is massive: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/07/23/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh17-russia-arms_n_5612089.html?utm_hp_ref=uk The trouble is that too many stinking rich Russians have given money to Tories: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/07/22/russian-tory-donors-david-cameron-uk_n_5609236.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

The opposite of having huge amounts of money is being fucking tight. All Tories now stink of money, and it makes all their talk of austerity seem like total shit. Gaffe prone Tory nebbish Gavin Barwell, the MP of Croydon Central has recently been exposed as a tight pillock: http://insidecroydon.com/2014/07/22/tory-mp-wants-election-helpers-to-work-unpaid-for-six-months/ Over in Bromley, South London, the tight baby-killers are closing down the local food bank as they wont pay the rent (£8400) imposed by Bromley council: http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/11309799.Care_group_continues_to_fight_for_charity_food_bank_charged_commercial_rent_by_Bromley_Council/?ref=rss During the grim this will become notorious, but what can you expect when you have a snotty frothing bitch on the council like Tory Alexa Michael: “It is neither the Councils or the Government’s responsibility that people die due to policy’s, if they die, they die” http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/alexa-michael-tory-councillor-for-bromley-resign-from-public-office?share_id=FfNgWuqAAl&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition That’s the kind of sociopathic shit that defies words. Arses like Michael have zero compassion, zero empathy, they are selfish greedy trollops, they spread the disease selfishness like a rat spreads a plague, they are the cancer of society.

The social cleansing of London is all about the stink of money. Its an ugly, disgraceful process. Here, poor people of Southwark and Lambeth are fighting: http://housingactionsouthwarkandlambeth.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/join-guinness-trust-residents-twitter-storm-stop-the-evictions-local-social-housing-now / The shameful stink of money is the direct cause of evictions in the pogrom. Here the bastards tried to evict a cancer patient, unsuccessfully: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Hundreds-gather-stop-cancer-patient-evicted/story-21747981-detail/story.html

The putrid Katie Hopkin’s reckons that unemployed people should be made to wear a special uniform: http://www.closeronline.co.uk/2014/04/katie-hopkins-it-s-time-we-issued-an-unemployed-person-s-uniform#.U8_nhPldWuM Personally I believe this atrocious bag is motivated by money. She may not say it, but I speculate the stink of money has her quivering. Someone as full of hate as this troll is only after one thing, the snide gob must have big debts. After Peaches Geldof died, spiteful trollop Hopkin’s wrote : “Peaches’ fatal syringe was in a box by the bed – along with some sweets. She was taking care of her baby son after all…Let’s turn the tables. It was me that took an overdose whilst caring for my 11 month old. Would I be a fallen angel too?” http://www.closeronline.co.uk/2014/07/katie-hopkins-hits-out-at-peaches-geldof-following-death-inquest#.U8_pBfldWuM Hopkin’s is a preacher of hate, she needs to be disenfranchised and forced on one of klutz Osborne’s famous mandatory work placements.

Money problems is an important way for these jackasses to destroy the NHS. A new report has been published, and the number of NHS trusts referred to the health secretary over financial concerns increased almost fourfold in a year. Among those referred to Hunt for failing to meet their statutory break-even duty were the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals and Ipswich hospital NHS trusts. Mid-Essex Hospital Services, North-west London Hospitals and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS trusts were also on the list. Ten trusts, including North Cumbria University Hospitals and Croydon Health Services NHS trusts, received “adverse” conclusions, meaning the auditor was not satisfied that the body had made proper arrangements to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jul/24/financial-concerns-nhs-trusts

Tax avoidance on an industrial scale is about the stink of money. Obscenely rich bastards, who donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to the filth avoid huge amounts of tax:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/the-tory-donor-whose-firm-is-one-of-britainss-biggest-tax-avoiders–with-hmrcs-blessing-9624358.html Its not restricted to oil firms and bankers. Musicians and comedians all love a bit of it – despite them making a living from the working class – even George Michael penned a song about living on benefits: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/tax-avoidance-why-it-stings-more-when-its-musicians While dirty DC and his ugly sidekick ‘bell-end’ Osborne turn a blind eye to massively greedy bastards, they ensure that the poor pay. Massive new cuts are raining down on the people of Salford now, the council of Salford say feebly they have no choice: http://welfarenewsservice.com/council-putting-vulnerable-people-risk-cutting-4-7-million-adult-support-services/ Its actually bollocks when councils say they have no choice. They have a choice. If they say ‘no’, then the massive cunt Pickles does it for them, but they have a choice.

When it comes to money few people understand its power more than the royals. Rich people love keeping money in families. The biographer of Lady Diana, Andrew ‘butt-hugger’ Morton opines about the royal succession: “I think William will become the first King to do the job for several years but then abdicate. This could mean George is still relatively young when he takes over, which obviously mean he has a totally different life ahead of him.  I’m not saying William has consciously planned this far ahead but I think this is how it will unfold. William never talked about his future in terms of his destiny or duty. He always talks about being king as a job, not a vocation or calling.” http://hrhduchesskate.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/family-and-friends-gather-at-kensington.html

Slow Ignition

The whole shift of the Tory cabinet to the right has fooled no one. The British public are starting to ignite, voting for the filth after the reshuffle has shown a sharp fall: http://www.politics.co.uk/news/2014/07/22/tory-support-plunges-following-reshuffle

The new disabilities minister is the lying nebbish Mark Harper. He’ll be the latest in a long line of blood sucking vampires who fuck over weak, vulnerable people. He’ll be overseeing the catastrophe of PIP: http://disabilitynewsservice.com/2014/07/harper-is-new-disability-minister-six-months-after-resignation/ As the disaster extends into the grim, the slow ignition will highlight his gross incompetence. The grimacing putz wasted no time in joining filthy DC to vaunt the cringe-worthy Disability Confident campaign: http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/hundreds-of-disabled-people-sent-on-workfare-every-week-is-unpaid-work-the-new-segregation/ Here is some shit from Harper: “We have come a long way in dispelling outdated views about disabled people in the workplace, as these figures show. Yet thousands more could still be following their career dreams by applying for Access to Work. It pays for unique and tailored support for more than 30,000 people and could help your business take on talented disabled people, or if you’re a disabled worker, get or keep a job yourself” : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/150-job-or-training-placements-for-disabled-people-every-working-day Just because these condom-heads say ok sound bites, is irrelevant. What is important is how these dongs are destroying the lives of people, now the pogrom has intensified. Mark Harper make look like a harmless schlong, but the toff hates disabled people, and spouted this shit in 2010: “There are definitely some people in our country, and everyone in every community knows who they are, who are able to work, and don’t, and those people mustn’t be given the option of staying on benefits when other people are going out and working incredibly hard to try and support their families” and then, when told by the original questioner that he should be condemned for his language: “I gave a very balanced answer, when I said there are some people, and it was very clear during the General Election campaign, because everybody sees them, able-bodied people who have no barriers to work who choose not to. And there’s nothing that upsets people who work hard to take care of their families, who see other people living at least as good a life as they do, who don’t work for a living. They find it outrageous and particularly when money is very tight, they want the government to do something about it.” http://wheresthebenefit.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/new-disability-minister-same-as-old.html Snide posh boy Harper may hate the welfare state, but he benefited from it on many occasions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Harper

Vile grunt Kenneth Clarke has been embarrassing the Tories. While he should never be forgiven or forgotten for his disgusting Legal Aid Bill, he’s been winding the toff fuckers up and that’s always thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Its hard to gag Tory spite. Tory spite as we noted is like diarrhoea. It cannot be kept in, but he’s too dim to realise the spite is symptomatic. Its a sign the whole shit house is now starting to get ripe for implosion. So far they’ve shown unity except with Europe. The vicious ganuf did manage to say one thing of note: (Talking of the economy he said): “It’s not firmly enough rooted on a proper balance between manufacturing and a wide range of services and financial services. I mean, we have this mystery of why we can’t get productivity to start rising again.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-cameron-lose-election-blasts-3887623 What the excrescence doesn’t get is that the dud economy is a symptom of being up shit creek. All Tories carry knives, they will stab each other willy nilly if prodded.

A well done to the people of Wisborough Green in West Sussex. They successfully fought off fracking, but their battle may not be over as Celtique Energie may appeal: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/wisborough-green-becomes-the-first-village-in-britain-to-fight-off-fracking-9621857.html Fracking in the South East of England, no matter what the toffs say, will create hatred. Its a part of the slow ignition. Monbiot suggests that the shmegegge Paterson will try and form a tea party in UK, and it wont be pretty: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/22/british-tea-party-conservatism-owen-paterson

Filthy DC has his knickers in a twist. A crazy Russian lady Lubov Chernukin pledged £160000 to watch charmless DC face the bumbling anus Bojo in a tennis match. DC doesn’t want to give the dosh back, now he wants sanctions on Russia: http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/07/tories-russian-donors-even-lord-ashcroft-is-complaining/ In the slow ignition the incompetence and grinding immorality of the toff tossers will be increasingly obvious. These bastards stink, but by the endgame its going to be a really bad smell.

Prince Charles may spout about the environment but the royal buffoon loves hunting. Other members of the royal family who hunt include the Princess Royal and her children, Zara and Peter Phillips, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2004/nov/06/monarchy.hunting
Posh people love killing things, its well known.
Allegedly Charlie and the Queen aren’t happy these days: “A new royal biography revealed a deep bitterness between the Queen and Prince Charles, her uncompromising attitude towards Camilla Parker Bowles and claims she viewed the late Princess of Wales as ‘mad’” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-93780/New-Royal-Family-rift.html These people with all this money rarely seem happy. Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain have been to the cinema. Recently they visited President Hollande of France. Queen Letizia looked confident as she strode into the Elysee Palace in a fitted summer dress, which had a nude ribbon belt tied around her waist and intricate floral designs on the hem. The tight dress served to accentuate the mother-of-two’s tiny frame, and proving that she takes every aspect of her outfit into consideration she accessorised with a nude clutch and matching earrings. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2701486/Glamorous-Queen-Letizia-husband-King-Felipe-meet-French-President-Francois-Hollande-Paris.html

Grotesque Parody

A feature of the neoliberal bastards, in their race to the bottom, is that they have turned everything upside down. We can contrast this huge outpouring of shit with the brilliant words of Sir Michael Marmot. In 2013 he said these words: “The government in Britain that we have now, the Conservative led coalition government, uses the word ‘fairness’ as if it has no meaning at all. They cut the top rate of tax—and they call it fair. They cut benefits to the poor—and they call it fair. They cut services to the disadvantaged—and they call it fair. I call it a grotesque parody of fairness!” http://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2013/11/05/gabriel-scally-a-grotesque-parody-of-fairness/

In the grotesque parody of fairness the poorest, most vulnerable are being forced to pay again and again for the reckless casino capitalism of the obscenely rich. No wonder dismal shlemiel Gordon Brown is getting desperate – look at the shit the walking plonker has come out with: http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-news/9484-gordon-brown-targets-chronically-ill-in-latest-attack-on-independence With just ten weeks to go to the Scottish referendum its not surprising that Scottish Labour have the jitters – after all, how are they to defend the indefensible. They tried talking about social justice: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/in-your-area/scots-labour-leaders-urges-kilwinning-3878692 but its now a joke. There is no justice when you have the disgraceful Grayling, the sakhakl arse Pickles and monumental mamzer IDS. I am not sure that the vote over bedroom tax announced by Reeves will make any difference: http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/regulation/labour-calls-for-bedroom-tax-vote-in-the-autumn/7004767.article?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Ocean+Media+&utm_campaign=4453420_IH-daily-210714-LR&dm_i=1HH2,2NGA4,FK92RM,9OV2T,1

Everywhere you look there are now examples of the grotesque parody these nincompoops are making of UK. The nebbish Paterson recently was sacked by DC for not being shit enough. The cretin wrote this shit after fucking off: “I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of the Green Blob. This tangled triangle of unelected busybodies claims to have the interests of the planet and the countryside at heart, but it is increasingly clear that it is focusing on the wrong issues and doing real harm while profiting handsomely.” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/green-blob-eco-groups-attack-former-minister-owen-paterson-over-insult-9617463.html By ‘Green blob” the grinning shmuk was referring to Friends of the Earth and environmental campaigners who actually gave a shit about badgers, fracking and wind farms. Its a grotesque parody that this dimwit actually affected government policy in such a sensitive area. Its a testament to the ineptitude of DC that he replaced the fucking shmok with Truss.

The five week and longer wait for a payment is the grotesque parody that the ganuf IDS erroneously calls a ‘safety net’: https://www.tuc.org.uk/sites/default/files/BenefitsDelayed2014.pdf While the fucking nob IDS may be able to claim for a £39 breakfast on his expenses: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/iain-duncan-smith-claimed-breakfast-1810086 ordinary people will be told to starve – the muppets say people should be able to budget better: http://falseeconomy.org.uk/blog/the-save-our-safety-net-campaign-and-the-dwps-response Every propaganda campaign by the jackass DC is full of shit in a grotesque parody of truth. The DWP paraded celebrities including bearded nebbish Richard Branson, Tory-boy Stelios of Easy Jet fame, disabled war veteran Simon Weston and Paralympian Sophie Christiansen all over social media in yet another pitiful attempt at convincing us that the DWP is in fact ‘disability friendly’: http://ilegal.org.uk/thread/8693/dwps-disability-confidence-camerons-sham?page=1&scrollTo=21887

Grinning warmonger Tony Blair is a grotesque parody of a Labour politician. While the khazer, who the doofus Gove shamefully calls ‘the master’: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2551548/Blairs-secret-meetings-Gove-urge-fight-radical-schools-reforms-face-Labour-bunkum.html is around Labour will never manage a sizeable majority. Although Milibean and Blair have some consensus: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/blair-miliband-disagreement-also-consensus Blair is a fucking embarrassment. He’s like a stone round ‘Red Ed’s’ neck, dragging him into the Tory maelstrom. The very sight of the ahole must be enough to make ‘Red Ed’ study his navel. Its instinctive.

In a ludicrous move, senior Tories are keen to get rid of all the job centres, and replace them instead with private companies and charities.
http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/07/21/tories-jobcentres-tories-iain-duncan-smith_n_5604778.html?utm_hp_ref=uk Its going to thoroughly upset PCS, and once again shows how out of touch Tory fuckers are. Its the same cost cutting doctrine, changing UK into a neoliberal nightmare. Just another piece of shit from these twats.

Everyday areas of impending chaos become clearer. One is student loans, as we drift up shit creak expect the whole country to break down and break up: http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/jul/22/student-loan-system-financially-unworkable-mps Another is policing, neighbourhood community policing is taking a big hit, but there’s still loads to come: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jul/22/spending-cuts-police-forces-jeopardy-watchdog-report

Oh what the fuck – things are hotter in the Big Brother House. Following Ash and Helen’s intimate fumble under the covers on Sunday night’s episode, Steven approached Ash and demanded ‘a full update immediately’ as the pair spoke in the kitchen.
Ash tried to play down the event as he insisted the pair were still just friends, though Winston joked that the pair would end up getting married.
Ash denied the claim saying: ‘It’s not a fucking relationship …we just had a fucking snog!’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2700681/Big-Brothers-Ash-plays-feelings-Helen-steamy-bedroom-session-Ashleigh-Power-housemate.html

Up shit creek

The rise of benefit sanctions in Scotland to single parents by 563% is symptomatic of the massive damage inflicted on the poorest in society as we slowly drift up shit creek: http://welfarenewsservice.com/benefit-sanctions-rocket-much-563-shocking-figures-reveal/ Disability issues have now split the coalition, its made the nebbish Danny Alexander say sorry about the evil bedroom tax: http://welfarenewsservice.com/danny-alexander-im-sorry-bedroom-tax-video/ While the Lib Dems will feel the rage at the Scottish referendum, the split is important, and as Sue Marsh writes there needs to be “maximum crowbarring”: https://ragingcrip.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/bankrupting-the-state/ Its finally dawned on the Lib Dems what a cock up the bedroom tax is: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/why-lib-dems-should-back-labour-and-completely-oppose-bedroom-tax People from all over the political spectrum now acknowledge what a shit policy the bedroom tax is: http://leftfootforward.org/images/2014/07/bedroom-tax-poll-1j.jpg

Despite the damage created by the grinning cocknugget Patterson, the new environment minister Liz Truss is continuing with the badger cull: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/why-lib-dems-should-back-labour-and-completely-oppose-bedroom-tax Truss is a key part of the new right of the filth: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/07/leader-cameroon-dream-fades-new-right-continues-rise In not too long it will be her in the wellies, wading around and looking dismal, but she should expect that – she isn’t stupid, and that’s what happens when you are a dirty climate change denier caught up shit creek without a paddle: http://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2014/07/15/liz-truss-a-not-very-green-environment-secretary The shmeril Patterson has wasted no time in showing he has shit for brains since leaving the cabinet, and is delivering this year’s annual lecture at the (Fucking) Global Warming Policy Foundation, the climate sceptic group: http://order-order.com/2014/07/18/sacked-o-patz-trolls-climate-change-campaigners/ Nonetheless the goon Montgomerie thinks it was a bad idea to get rid of Patterson: http://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2014/07/patersons-sacking-is-a-mistake-but-he-is-now-free-to-push-climate-scepticism-and-brexit-from-the-backbenches.html The reality is that the replacement is more of the same. Its just selfish greedy people struggling to climb the greasy poll, these fucks don’t give a flying dildo about the environment. Its just ‘me, me, me’ – the sort of shit they pedalled in Britannia Unchained. In this instance the damage done by these fuckwits will be permanent.

I don’t really understand money. I am an archaeologist, I have zero interest in money flow, but the housing bubble is a very important aspect of the revolution. When that bursts, that’s when the end game finally begins. The schlongs are worried about the bubble. Gerard Lyons, the Chief Economic Advisor to the apologist for the bloated Bojo, wants the interest rates raised to 6%: http://labourlist.org/2014/07/boris-economic-advisor-wants-to-hike-interest-rates-to-6/ Carney says its 2.5%: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28053045 The clever Yanky recognises the fear of economic meltdown on his watch, and he has every right to be, as the whole concept is the ‘brain’-child of the dimwit with the rosy cheeks. That in itself must give a warning sign.

The social cleansing of London has been surging: http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/care/dramatic-rise-of-families-forced-out-of-london/7004728.article Its an example of the damage being done by this toolbox as we drift up the creek. At the same time these aholes are trying hard to suppress reports which demonstrate how shite universal credit is: http://ukcampaign4change.com/2014/07/17/dwp-tries-again-to-stop-disclosure-of-universal-credit-reports/
The soaring problem of council tax has begun to be prominent, as councils struggle – look at Wakefield – http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/unpaid-council-tax-bill-rises-to-almost-20m-1-6738143

A complete opposite of the damage being done by the pogrom of the poor are the brilliant, decent people, who have made sacrifices to help people in need. These people make a mockery out of the ‘moral mission’ of DC: “Many of the great political questions of our time are also moral questions – we should not be surprised and nor should we be dismissive when members of the clergy make their views known. But neither should political leaders be afraid to respond. Our long-term economic plan for Britain is not just about doing what we can afford, it is also about doing what is right. Nowhere is that more true than in welfare. For me the moral case for welfare reform is every bit as important as making the numbers add up.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/10647538/Cutting-benefits-part-of-a-moral-mission-Cameron-tells-new-Cardinal.html What a contrast this drivelling shit is from the brilliant ladies of Catford, Carole and Susie Bradshaw. Here is some Carole: “It always seems to be that when the government does something, it does it in a blanket way. The feeling was that the benefits system does need changing, but a lot of the changes, from what we see, are not making things better. They don’t make allowances for people who are not in a good place and whose lives are very chaotic.” In other words its an unmitigated disaster. http://annmcgauran.org.uk/2014/07/17/the-debt-ladies-we-felt-called-by-god-to-catford/ Genuine people are once again forced to manage the evil dolloped out by these pillocks in the name of the fucking ‘moral mission’.

An unfortunate feature of being up shit creek is the crisis of the prison service – http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2014/07/18/chaos-in-prisons-but-the-minister-goes-part-time I’m afraid its still early days, but the bastards DC kept in his reshuffle were very important – the joker Grayling, the shit-stain Pickles and the meshugennah IDS.

Its absolutely disgusting the way that these posh bastards are denying people crisis loans. People in need are regularly denied help: http://touchstoneblog.org.uk/2014/07/the-dwp-response-to-our-campaign-is-that-the-best-they-can-come-up-with/ The money is there but the toffs will only give it to bloated sanctimonious bastards: http://www.cpag.org.uk/sites/default/files/CPAG-briefing-Foodbanks-debate-18-Dec-2013.pdf

A symptom of the mid reaches of shit creek is the increasing incompetence of the government. Since March 2014 the arses have been using lie detector tests on us, they probably have been watching too much of the irritating butt-munch Jeremy Kyle. While an appearance on the JK Show is unlikely to involve destitution, the liar detector tests of the council muppets often do. Its no surprise its been run by the bastards Crapita: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/mar/10/councils-use-lie-detector-tests-benefits-fraudsters

Toffs hate being with plebs. Bearded billionaire nebbish Richard Branson has vowed to be on board the first Virgin Galactic commercial flight. For a mere £120000, tourists can enjoy a 150-minute trip, including six minutes of zero-gravity. But the company has suffered a series of setbacks and the date for the first flight has moved several times. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/18/-sp-10-things-we-learned-this-week Its small change at £800 a minute.

Young George is just one, and to celebrate this extraordinary achievement the Sunday Schlock (Express) has a special story: “The Sunday (Schlock) Express can exclusively reveal the Queen will be guest of honour at Kensington Palace on Tuesday as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge throw a private party for close friends and family to mark their beloved son’s milestone. http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/489954/Prince-George-prepares-for-first-birthday-as-Queen-leads-celebrations Yes – its going to be a royal knock-out, they throw a private party and we all foot the bill.

Restoring Fairness

Fucking shit has been poured on the 99% from the greatest possible height by the 1%, but don’t worry as its all in aid of ‘restoring fairness’, you see the toolbox are on a moral mission. In the early days before the GRIM gets fully under way, everyone is worried because of the report published by the DWP, which show that nearly 60% of the 550,000 tenants affected were in rent arrears and only one in 20 had been able to move to a smaller homes. While hardly a surprise to any class warrior, its shaken up the Lib Dem’s, who are running like rats from the sinking ship: http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/regulation/labour-brands-lib-dem-u-turn-on-bedroom-tax-unbelievable-hypocrisy/7004718.article?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Ocean+Media+&utm_campaign=4440875_IH-daily-170714-LR&dm_i=1HH2,2N6LN,FK92RM,9NSGU,1 That’s the sort of thing you do when you face complete wipe-out at the polls. Another area which will not surprise class warriors, but which surprises everyone else is the problem of council tax arrears. In the area of London alone there have been 118000 court summons: http://welfarenewsservice.com/council-tax-benefit-axe-pushes-londons-poorest-to-breaking-point/ The level of fucking shit raining down in the pogrom is causing councils all over UK to have problems, its causing huge extra costs to be heaped on the poor by bailiff bastards, and its causing untold misery to poor people. Its a fucking shambles, but in the words of super nebbish DC “these changes are about restoring fairness” to Britain: http://www.channel4.com/news/cameron-benefit-reforms-putting-fairness-back-in-gb So there you go, poor piece of shit, you’re pulp in the fucking gutter – but at least the filth have restored fairness to UK. While you lie in the gutter you can look at the stars to paraphrase Oscar.

Here is the nebboch Clegg being confronted on radio by a woman about bedroom tax: http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/07/seriously-ill-woman-confronted-clegg-on-bedroom-tax-10-months-ago/ As time goes on, expect his dopey sad face to become a permanent feature.

A total arse that likes to talk about ‘restoring fairness’ is the wanker Penning. Here he whines about a pathetic dribble of paint that a miscreant threw at Caxton House (the DWP head quarters): “I am sure that it [the event] was peaceful, well-mannered and nice, but that is not always the case. If the hon. Lady looks at the side of the building she will see that paint has been thrown over it and there have been really nasty incidents outside.” http://www.katebelgrave.com/2014/07/empty-words-and-a-terror-of-protestors-thanks-for-nothing-penning-saveilf/
Despite ramming the rhetoric of ‘restoring fairness’ a number of Tories are unhappy with a number of Tory policies. http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/tory-mps-voice-bedroom-tax-worries/6526147.article The article was written in 2013, back then the effects of the benefit changes were
unknown. But have the toffs got the stomach for the pogrom?

One Tory cunt who will be frothing for the pogrom is the fuckwit Andrew Percy, the MP of Brigg, Goole and the Isle of Axholme. I loathe the irritating bastard, he may have had an ‘ordinary’ background and even worked in MacDonalds: http://www.andrewpercy.org/news/573-andrews-visit-to-scunthorpe-mcdonalds The shegegge even made a half hearted attempt to help crips in 2010: http://www.andrewpercy.org/news/134-andrew-takes-up-disabled-toilet-fight This unctious Tory is also scared of local flooding: http://www.andrewpercy.org/news/851-discussing-flood-defences-with-the-prime-minister but it has not stopped the greedy dick-head pushing new housing in a flood zone: http://www.eastmidlandsnews.org.uk/news/floods-delaying-6000-homes-lincolnshire-lakes-plan-is Here is the shtik drek relishing joining in the kicking of the poor from Hansard, as you can see, he goes on and on and on: “We did not have a single Labour MP talking about food banks before 2010, despite the fact that there had been a tenfold increase. It is the cheapest, filthiest form of politics. I am amused to hear Labour representatives talking about hard-pressed council tax payers, because in my local authority they are trying to put the council tax up. They want to increase the council tax of the hard-pressed families they claim to be so concerned about, and they want to reduce those people’s access to social care. We have prevented them from doing that. If a council is run properly, as my local authority is, it is possible to retain all children’s centres, provide ongoing council tax support and build new libraries in communities that have never had them. Those things are possible if the tough decision is taken to reduce senior management posts. When we took control of our council from Labour in 2011, there were, I think, six people who earned more than £100,000. There are now two. Our leader took a 15% pay cut, following increases when Labour ran the council. We have even been able to reduce the cuts to youth services. The point I am making is that local government is undoubtedly in a difficult situation, but it sticks in my craw when Opposition Members do not take any responsibility for the financial mess that they created, or for the pressure that they put on family budgets through council tax when they were in government. If they wanted a grown-up and sensible debate, Opposition Members would say, “Regardless of who is in power after the next election, there will still be ongoing cuts to local government.” They cannot simply oppose every single decision and say, “It would be different if we were in power.” http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm140514/halltext/140514h0002.htm When the shit comprehensively hits the fan Mr Percy will have to fuck off. When the villagers have pitchforks, Mr Percy will be forced to move for his own safety. Its ironic that restoring fairness will involve removing the grinning parasite.

When I comes to restoring fairness few can claim to be more concerned with it than the House of Posh Fuck. Indeed, I would say that in matters of restoring fairness the House of Posh Fuck sets a high bar which few of us plebs can ever hope to attain. As we know from the Tory bastards that obscenely rich people need help avoiding tax, they need vast corporate welfare. The opposite is the case for the poor, who need repeated kicks up the arse. Only recently the House of Posh Fuck set out a sterling example in the way it cautioned Baron Blencathra, who was getting £12000 a month to lobby on behalf of the Cayman Islands. Baron Blencathra was forced to apologise for it after a complaint by the brilliant MP Paul Flynn: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/lordblencathra-ordered-to-apologise-for-signing-lobbying-contract-with-caribbean-tax-haven-9604957.html

The cuts to legal aid are interesting in that they are often dressed up in terms of restoring fairness: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1330170/Legal-aid-gravy-train-ground-halt.html As everyone knows they have fuck all to do with fairness, in fact the Tory fuckers are scared of having to answer for their crimes against humanity: http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/conservatives-set-to-launch-incoherent-attack-on-human-rights/ After the revolution this will be an issue.

The goon DC has a rare gift for restoring fairness. Yesterday (16-07) he gave the blood sucking vampire Ken Clarke the award of Companion of Honour. The toff bastards Alan Duncan and Hugh Robertson are taking on the title “Knights Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George”: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2695114/The-reshuffle-backlash-Cameron-hit-storm-buys-sacked-ministers-knighthoods.html In the words of decent Dugher, the MP of Barnsley East “Dishing out hush-hush honours and gongs as golden goodbyes just to keep his sacked ministers happy also shows how weak Cameron is” (Morning Star 17-07).

No discussion of restoring fairness would be complete without a bit of royalty. Label angry of Highgrove what you like, but the posh putz Charlie Windsor knows about cheese. Here he enthuses: “I remember 20 years ago you could never find a really interesting cheese in this country except Cheddar. But the extraordinary explosion of artisan-made cheeses has been one of the most remarkable things in this country. Britain’s artisan cheese industry is more vibrant than ever. Cheesemakers in Britain and Ireland are creating a whole range of different textured cheeses: pungent-smelling, semi-soft, washed-rind cheeses, fragile fresh cheeses, creamy blues, and melt-in-the-mouth soft cheeses.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/10971106/British-cheese-has-never-tasted-so-good.html The Duchess of Cambridge has been taking cookery lessons from super chef Rachel Khoo, a two week course costing £1600. The royal apartment at Kensington has been fitted out at the tax payers expense, the royal couple’s Kensington Palace apartment has been kitted out with a £15,000 Sub-Zero & Wolf fridge freezer and a £8,000 Wolf oven. http://www.mydaily.co.uk/2014/07/16/kate-middleton-learns-to-cook-with-chef-rachel-khoo/

Bankrupting the State

Every insider now knows that the filth are going all out to bankrupt the welfare state. Now that grimacing nebbish Oliver Letwin is in charge of Tory policy, the former Eton boy born with a silver spoon up his arse, we can expect that there will be an acceleration of bankrupting UK. The khazer Letwin is regularly in trouble, for example in 2011 he kept throwing sensitive government documents in park bins: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/8826113/Oliver-Letwin-Cabinet-Office-minister-threw-documents-into-park-bins.html Being a toff did not stop him claiming £2145 to repair a leaking pipe under the tennis court at one of his homes. The shtik drek is totally out of touch, the multi millionaire claimed he would rather sleep on the streets than send the mini Letwins to an inner city school: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2049130/Oliver-Letwin-scandal-The-strange-ways-Planet-Letwin-.html Although this putz obviously knows fuck all about UK, he’s had a very important role in shaping Tory policy: http://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/events/rt-hon-oliver-letwin-mp-keynote-speech-role-state

No matter how many times the chinless toff says “spiffing” and “what ho”, the fact remains that he’s about to be fucking hated. Take a peek at his website, and here the bulging butt crack talks about Leonard Cheshire, a charity which divides disabled people: “It was touching to see some of the residents spending a morning engaged in artistic activity, and to hear about the way in which the charity mobilises a combination of public and charitable money to enable its residents to go on holiday with a carer”. http://www.oliverletwinmp.com/news/admirable-man-and-admirable-charity The multi millionaire loves to push the food bank at Lyme Regis, Dorset: http://www.bridportnews.co.uk/news/10791767.Lyme_Regis_Food_Bank_hailed_as_life_saver/ but the pogrom only started in earnest two months ago. The nimbies of West Dorset will be annoyed with fracking locally and rightly so. But its going to be the toxic combination of the benefit cap, the council tax hike and the bedroom tax which will reduce West Dorset to social Armageddon by the election in 2015. Recent reports have shown what a complete waste of money the bedroom tax is: http://speye.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/bedroom-tax-dwp-report-immediate-comments-eg-arrears-up-140m/ The Bedroom tax is spiteful, its only purpose is to bring disabled people and single mothers to their knees. I asked the pompous arse once to sign a bedroom tax EDM. He just sent generic shit, he did not give a fuck. No one from his stuck up class give a fuck about the poor.

A number of sanctimonious Tory bastards were promoted in the reshuffle. Another bum hole shitter is Alun Cairns, the MP of Vale of Glamorgan. The dingleberry hates poor people. He’s so seething with spite he came out with this shite regarding the increased usage of the food bank at Barry: “It is sad to hear that so many people are needing to use the food bank. This will be for a variety of reasons: inability to manage money and to budget, addiction to alcohol or substance misuse, bullying at home, neglect by the benefit recipient and a range of other reasons”. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/vale-glamorgan-tory-mp-alun-6060730 In other words it has fuck all to do with Tory policy.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady is a very important figure in the class war. Frances is a brilliant spokeswoman for the welfare state. She puts schmuck ‘Red Ed’ in shame. Talking about the shameful bedroom tax she writes “The bedroom tax is one of the most pointlessly cruel welfare policies instigated by a government that remains determined to take away the safety net that so many rely upon. It is shameful that ministers are now trying to hush up the damage its causing” (Morning Star, 16-07-14). During the GRIM the Bedroom tax will become centre stage.

When it comes to bankrupting the welfare state no one can claim to have been more successful then the ganuf IDS: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/16/ian-duncan-smith-welfare-reform-bedroom-tax-disastrous While his continued presence during the reshuffle surprises many people, I don’t think its strange. IDS is very good at shovelling huge amounts of public money into the bin. Its his sole function, but the quiet man had to wait a very long time to roar.

The farcical expenses claimed by members of the House of Posh Fuck are also involved in the bankrupting of the welfare state. They have been open to ridicule ever since the toff Lord Hanningfield embarrassed himself in 2013: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9796803/Lord-Hill-faces-conflict-of-interest-claim-over-shares.html The 763 Lords cost £16000000 in expenses last year: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/datablog/2010/nov/25/lords-data-store During the grim, this will rise in relevance. What is remarkable amongst such a group of muppets is how comprehensively they have fucked up the House of Posh Fuck. Take Lord Hill for example, a multi millionaire Tory who lead the House of Posh Fuck. The dong is known for his lobbyings: http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/07/lord-hill-commission-eu-nominee-owns-shares/ Lord Hill lobbied for Tesco and got playing fields on the cheap: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9796803/Lord-Hill-faces-conflict-of-interest-claim-over-shares.html

When it comes to bankrupting the state, the royal family have an exceptional role. Its little George’s birthday very soon, and its shaping up “as another busy year for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is very much thought Prince William’s transitional year has led to a decision that royal life is not for him just yet, and he is expected to take a full-time post with the East Anglia Air Ambulance in the autumn. This will most likely see a reduction in royal duties for the couple as they base themselves at their Georgian home on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate – Anmer Hall. Extensive renovations and security measures have been underway ensuring the family home is ready for the trio come September. It would seem a life away from the public and media glare is what the couple want for themselves and George, meaning full-time royal duties for William and Kate are most likely years off. A senior royal aide recently told journalist Richard Palmer “Their staff are looking for any excuse to stop off-duty photos of the family being published”. With privacy at the forefront in their minds, this is not a surprising move, however, it is one that will bring criticism from many who believe it is time William and Kate took on a larger schedule of duties. With a move to the country on the horizon, it is also quite possible George will have a brother or sister in 2015.” http://hrhduchesskate.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/kate-loves-prince-george.html We can rest in the security that despite all the cuts being made to the air ambulance service, the sheer presence of Willie Windsor will serve to give order to the chaos. The average cost of an emergency flight is £2250: https://www.justgiving.com/Tom-Livermore/ Looks like “there may be trouble ahead”.