Dirty Greedy Lying Bastards

by ragingcrip


Being dirty greedy lying bastards is a hall mark of this government. Sometimes it seems as if there is not one Tory that is not a dirty greedy lying bastard. I have some friends who do not swear as much as me, but they say “do the government believe this fucking shit?” The answer is “No, but also they don’t give a fuck too”. Take the grotesque mass murdering lying bastard Eric Pickles, lying on the record yesterday (30-06-14). The sanctimonious nebbish was asked about the housing bubble, and came out with this bollocks: I think we’re as far away from a bubble as you could possibly imagine. I think the bubble is in people’s imagination. I think that’s one of the reasons why the chancellor gave those powers to the Bank of (fucking) England.’  In other words forget your going up shit creek without a fucking paddle. Old rosy cheeks has fixed the economy while the sun is still shining. You may not feel rich, but you are rich. In the words of Lord Young of Graffham: ‘for the vast majority in the country today, they have never had it so good ever since this recession – this so-called recession – started.’

While these bastards play their cynical dirty game, its the poor who feel the sharp cutting edge. The pain inflicted by these dirty lying bastards in their greedy rush for gold is the direct opposite of the crap they spew. You’d think they would be satisfied by the disgusting evil they have done but actually they cannot be satisfied. That’s why inequality in the world has now reached such endemic proportions. Right now the filth are talking about getting rid of national insurance altogether. Just like they are talking of getting rid of LWP. LWP is Local Welfare Provision, its a shred of a safety net costing £27 million, which allowed thousands of poor people with desperate need to get help. The grim lying bastards are cutting it completely.  Its going to be a very sharp cutting edge like PIP, which is right now a crisis.



Tories have a thing about Europe. Europe really upsets the entire frothing tool box. Its no surprise that the filth have been going on about Juncker. Not one poor person in the whole country probably gives a fuck about Europe, although its never been surveyed. Tory MPs were fucking excited about the pathetic actions of DC in Europe, where is now generally detested. Look at the tool box lining up to congratulate DC for “doing the right thing” – arses like Redwood, Tapsell, Soames, Chope and Nuttall lined up to commiserate with the dirty greedy lying toff bastard.  


Tories are now ahead in the polls (01-07-14).  We will win nevertheless, and this is an important article. 


The richest MP in Britain is the dirty greedy lying bastard Richard Benyon, MP of Newbury and worth £110000000. The viscous greedy bum hole shitter thinks it is right to evict hundreds of poor tenants in Hoxton, East London, he does not give a flying fuck.  Bastard Benyon receives £20000000 of EU subsidies per year. The disgraceful butt-crack loves to slam the welfare state but last year scooped £119237 from West Berkshire Council in Housing Benefit.  The dirty greedy lying bastard follows a long list of multi millionaire schizers who have been aching to put the boot in the poor. Like mamser Fergus Wilson who evicted 200 tenants in January 2014 – the problem was they were guilty of being poor. 


Come on – everyone loves a bit of the ivory tower. Its a bit like a soap opera on the BBC – you pay a license fee, and then you can have socialism for the bloated elite and grinding capitalism for everyone else. On 30th June the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were special guests at the Royal Society of Medicine Annual Conference. Kate looked summery and stylish in the Tory Burch ‘Chrissy’ Printed Jersey Dress from the Resort 2014 Collection. The multicolour dress features a detachable buckle fastening waist belt, button fastenings at the front and it hits just above the knee. It’s a very pretty piece and perfect for the season.Kate’s love it or hate it Lela Rose Circle Lace Peplum Dress is available to pre-order at Neiman Marcus for £1,595.The ivory dress features circle-raglan short sleeves, a peplum waist and round neckline. Its form-fitting silhouette and knee length make it an elegant evening choice.