by ragingcrip


In this disgusting time it is important to note who is a bloody fuckwit and who is not. Its actually not as clean cut as you would think. Everyone is confused and that’s only to be expected with the lies the toolbox are pumping out the shit. Incidentally I do agree with Kate Belgrave, that the water canon used as a trial on shmeril Bojo, needs to be filled with shit. Bollocks pours from the repulsive nebbech Grant Shapps, like his creative bingo and beer effort, to reward hard working people.


During the course of the pogrom its easy to class Shapps as a fuckwit, its actually harder to call Len McClusky a nebbish. Here is some Len in the Morning Star on 01-07-14, talking about the fear of the 1% for the 99%: “They fear it when people stand together. They fear it when fairness and common good challenge the boardroom’s wild profit making. They fear us because we are the people of our countries – and they know that for as long as we exist they will be held in check”. Len is fucking angry, but he is also verbose. Its never too late to change him when the GRIM end-game begins. I feel that Len could be a strong figure in the end game, and I can see his dilemma about funding the Labour party. If Labour accept the money of the massive schlong Blair they are dead in the water. Len is now anti-Balls and its about time.


A clear bloody fuckwit is the multi millionaire bastard Lord Freud. For diverse reasons which are well published, many local councils have not used their full quota of DHP, the emergency top up funding to mitigate the bedroom tax and the benefit cap. But the toff disgrace ignores all these reasons. Instead true to form the posh putz is patting himself on the back, saying this tripe: “The figures also show that recent scare stories about councils running out of money were grossly exaggerated. We urge people who may need additional help to contact their local authority.”  But its no surprise given the long and filthy form of the khazer – look at the drivel the noble Lord comes out with on food-banks in 2014: “Clearly nobody goes to a food bank willingly. However, it is very hard to know why people go to them.”  In 2013 the schlump had this to say about the use by the poor of food-banks: “It is difficult to know, which came first, the supply or the demand … Food from a food bank – the supply – is a free good, and by definition there is an almost infinite demand for a free good.”  Since the pogrom began Lord Freud has been kicking non stop, its something the waste of sperm has been salivating over for decades.


Like fucking classroom bullies they line up to stick their boots into the fucking pogrom, right now. Someone who recognises a bloody fuckwit is Glenda Jackson. Here she gives an admonition to hatchet man IDS, it made the evil shlemiel snigger gruesomely: “We have all become used to the Secretary of State avoiding answering any kind of direct question or actually engaging in any of the serious issues which have to do with the destruction of the welfare state and the total and utter incompetence of his department by opting for a self-serving, sanctimonious sermon as opposed to any direct speech…..Perhaps it is that he’s floating so high on his self-appointed sanctity that he has forgotten what is actually happening out there in this country as a direct result of his incompetence and failure to accept his responsibilities.” 


Despite whatever shit they tell you, they can’t control the housing bubble in London. Its still soaring  – its actually a by product of the pogrom, even if the grotesque tukkus Eric Pickles claims its a figment of our imaginations.  Hey – stinking poor person – have a look in your wallet – you might think its got nothing in, but its actually your febrile imagination. The trouble with you 99% is that you don’t understand money. Well let me tell you then, money is an imaginary concept – and what you’ve never known, you’ll never miss. Don’t worry, the bastards have got a plan – the plan is to build fewer houses. 


This pogrom is unique because the toffs are pretending they love charity. That’s why they started the Policy Exchange. Its bursting with cocknuggets – greedy fuckwits like Edward Heathcoat-Amory — ex-Tory stafferMail hack, nephew of ex-Tory minister or Simon Wolfson — Tory donor and life peer, boss of Next fashion retailer.  When it comes to talking charity, its hard to outdo evil shtik drek Nadhim Zahawi. Here’s the shmegegge waffling at Quest, a carers group of Stratford upon Avon “The contribution that carers make to our communities is hugely valuable and it’s vital that they get support they need to carry on the fantastic work they do – without carers the UK would face a £119 billion care bill. That is why I am supporting this campaign to reach out to carers across Stratford and help ensure they don’t miss out on support.” Following his expenses scandal the guzzling ganuf had to be dropped from his local CAB after robbing the taxpayer of £5822: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nadhim-zahawi-energy-bill-expenses-2836337


Humour is really hard to find in the pogrom – so here is some


Looks like its ivory tower time again. The Duchess of Cambridge has been visiting a school full of poor kids in Islington (London) on 01-07-14. Kate looked effortlessly stylish in the GOAT Scarlett Pleat-Front Dress. The coral-pink garment is made in Britain from Italian wool crepe. It features a pleated bust and optional belt that keeps the waist in focus and a pencil skirt with a back hem split. It originally retailed for £450, however it’s currently on sale for £270 at Matches. The Scarlett dress is also available in black in limited sizes for £313 (reduced from £448) at Matches and charcoal teal. Royal parasites love to spend time with poor people, here is Prince Michael of Kent visiting the Royal Naval Association (RNA) in Staffordshire in June 2014. “Everything (the RNA) does is inextricably linked to its core values of unity, loyalty, patriotism and comradeship”.