The bastards break Britain

by ragingcrip

As we slide into the pogrom co-lateral damage is now increasing prodigiously as the bastards break Britain. Every fucking where there are now broken lives. Dig a little way under the surface and you now find young couples with children trying to survive in garden sheds: In fact just below the surface its now third world. But hang on, the empathetic nebbish Grant Shapps has a cunning plan for this one, with his task-force. The patronising khazer even wrote: “it is a scandal that these back-garden slums exist to exploit people, many of whom … find themselves trapped into paying extortionate rents to live in these cramped conditions”. In Highgate there was even a super shed: Another nob with the chutzpah to pretend to give a shit is the dismal shmeril Sir Robin Wales. The arse spouts “It’s big money. You get a few breeze blocks, sling up some crappy old shed in your back garden, and now you’re making hundreds and hundreds of pounds a week. It doesn’t take long for you to make a lot of money out of it, provided you are prepared to trade in human misery. “We found a walk-in freezer where people have been living, paying rent to live there. The record was one house with 38 people, of whom 16 were children…. They just take the money and they don’t give a toss about the conditions the people are living in. It is poor people who are being exploited by rogue landlords trying to trade on people’s misery.”

In Third World jungle-law Britain starvation is rife, . Look at this case: Homeless poor children will increase. Already 70000 homeless children are living in temporary accommodation:
Its no surprise that charities like Barnardos are experiencing increased demand:

Its the disgusting Bullingdon way, you use it, you fuck at all up, you run away laughing. Someone who joined the club was Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski. The nebbish writes: “I vividly remember the night of my election to the Bullingdon, which happened as I was asleep in my room in Walton Street. In the middle of the night a dozen screaming figures burst into my room and demolished it completely. I vividly remember Boris, a very solid and friendly man saying ‘Congratulations, man. You’ve been elected’” (Evening Standard, London 26-06-14).

On the Bullingdon theme, here is stalwart Dennis Skinner asking a question of shizer DC at PMQs this week (02-07-14): “As an outpatient where I have to visit on a regular basis, I do hear about the problems in the health service from thefront line. The nurses lost real pay, the A&E is bursting at the seams, nearly every hospital in Britain is running into financial difficulty. As a member of the Bullingdon club, is he proud to be surrounded for this wreckage?”

One area where the filth find resistance is the ILF. I am an ILF user, and we will not stand by while the bunch of fuckwits victimise us, vilify us, and fucking kick us out of society. The contemptuous schmuck Penning may think no one will give a fuck that severely disabled people are hit fourteen times harder buy the cuts than anyone else. But we will fight the hardest, and we will fucking trounce these fucking toffs. Everyone using ILF thinks that ILF improves their quality of life, allowing us choice, control and equality with non disabled people: As we drift deeper up shit creek its no surprise to see the fabric of society breaking down around us. The Local Government Association (LGA) told us on Monday (30-06) that care for disabled people was at “make or break point”. And on Wednesday (02-06) the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said services would soon be “unsustainable” due to budget cuts. The LGA acknowledges that the 2015 election will be a make or break moment for social care, local services and the NHS with Councils in England have said they are facing a £5.8bn shortfall over the next two years. The chair of the LGA is millionaire Tory Sir Merrick Richard Cockell, but the Local Government Minister, Brandon ‘butt-crack’ Lewis says there is no perceptible iceberg – he says dong Sir Merrick is being “doom-laden and alarmist” Its yet another case of the experts saying “No” and the gimps saying “Yes”. Its about control of the steering wheel.

PMQs this week (02-07-14) was unusually interesting for a change. On all six occasions ‘Red Ed’ asked dirty DC questions about the NHS. On all six of these occasions he did not answer the question. There is no doubt that the NHS is now a major Tory Achilles Heel, but in the end game it will bite the government really hard in the arse. At least Red Len stands up for the NHS:

When it comes to the execution of evil plans, few can outdo Big Brother contestant Ashleigh Coyle. Its made the contestant Helen Wood fume: “Ashleigh has just told two big fat lies. She did not defend Mark at all. Make your fucking mind up, woman.” This time the calibre of the contestants has reached a peak, so alongside Benefit Street’s White Dee is Ronan Keating. Ronan is a former member of Boyzone. His bandmate Keith Duffy was one of the participants in the first ever ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, alongside Anthea Turner and Vanessa Feltz. Its nice that we allow a little poverty porn on the TV.