Bankrupting the State

by ragingcrip

Every insider now knows that the filth are going all out to bankrupt the welfare state. Now that grimacing nebbish Oliver Letwin is in charge of Tory policy, the former Eton boy born with a silver spoon up his arse, we can expect that there will be an acceleration of bankrupting UK. The khazer Letwin is regularly in trouble, for example in 2011 he kept throwing sensitive government documents in park bins: Being a toff did not stop him claiming £2145 to repair a leaking pipe under the tennis court at one of his homes. The shtik drek is totally out of touch, the multi millionaire claimed he would rather sleep on the streets than send the mini Letwins to an inner city school: Although this putz obviously knows fuck all about UK, he’s had a very important role in shaping Tory policy:

No matter how many times the chinless toff says “spiffing” and “what ho”, the fact remains that he’s about to be fucking hated. Take a peek at his website, and here the bulging butt crack talks about Leonard Cheshire, a charity which divides disabled people: “It was touching to see some of the residents spending a morning engaged in artistic activity, and to hear about the way in which the charity mobilises a combination of public and charitable money to enable its residents to go on holiday with a carer”. The multi millionaire loves to push the food bank at Lyme Regis, Dorset: but the pogrom only started in earnest two months ago. The nimbies of West Dorset will be annoyed with fracking locally and rightly so. But its going to be the toxic combination of the benefit cap, the council tax hike and the bedroom tax which will reduce West Dorset to social Armageddon by the election in 2015. Recent reports have shown what a complete waste of money the bedroom tax is: The Bedroom tax is spiteful, its only purpose is to bring disabled people and single mothers to their knees. I asked the pompous arse once to sign a bedroom tax EDM. He just sent generic shit, he did not give a fuck. No one from his stuck up class give a fuck about the poor.

A number of sanctimonious Tory bastards were promoted in the reshuffle. Another bum hole shitter is Alun Cairns, the MP of Vale of Glamorgan. The dingleberry hates poor people. He’s so seething with spite he came out with this shite regarding the increased usage of the food bank at Barry: “It is sad to hear that so many people are needing to use the food bank. This will be for a variety of reasons: inability to manage money and to budget, addiction to alcohol or substance misuse, bullying at home, neglect by the benefit recipient and a range of other reasons”. In other words it has fuck all to do with Tory policy.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady is a very important figure in the class war. Frances is a brilliant spokeswoman for the welfare state. She puts schmuck ‘Red Ed’ in shame. Talking about the shameful bedroom tax she writes “The bedroom tax is one of the most pointlessly cruel welfare policies instigated by a government that remains determined to take away the safety net that so many rely upon. It is shameful that ministers are now trying to hush up the damage its causing” (Morning Star, 16-07-14). During the GRIM the Bedroom tax will become centre stage.

When it comes to bankrupting the welfare state no one can claim to have been more successful then the ganuf IDS: While his continued presence during the reshuffle surprises many people, I don’t think its strange. IDS is very good at shovelling huge amounts of public money into the bin. Its his sole function, but the quiet man had to wait a very long time to roar.

The farcical expenses claimed by members of the House of Posh Fuck are also involved in the bankrupting of the welfare state. They have been open to ridicule ever since the toff Lord Hanningfield embarrassed himself in 2013: The 763 Lords cost £16000000 in expenses last year: During the grim, this will rise in relevance. What is remarkable amongst such a group of muppets is how comprehensively they have fucked up the House of Posh Fuck. Take Lord Hill for example, a multi millionaire Tory who lead the House of Posh Fuck. The dong is known for his lobbyings: Lord Hill lobbied for Tesco and got playing fields on the cheap:

When it comes to bankrupting the state, the royal family have an exceptional role. Its little George’s birthday very soon, and its shaping up “as another busy year for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is very much thought Prince William’s transitional year has led to a decision that royal life is not for him just yet, and he is expected to take a full-time post with the East Anglia Air Ambulance in the autumn. This will most likely see a reduction in royal duties for the couple as they base themselves at their Georgian home on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate – Anmer Hall. Extensive renovations and security measures have been underway ensuring the family home is ready for the trio come September. It would seem a life away from the public and media glare is what the couple want for themselves and George, meaning full-time royal duties for William and Kate are most likely years off. A senior royal aide recently told journalist Richard Palmer “Their staff are looking for any excuse to stop off-duty photos of the family being published”. With privacy at the forefront in their minds, this is not a surprising move, however, it is one that will bring criticism from many who believe it is time William and Kate took on a larger schedule of duties. With a move to the country on the horizon, it is also quite possible George will have a brother or sister in 2015.” We can rest in the security that despite all the cuts being made to the air ambulance service, the sheer presence of Willie Windsor will serve to give order to the chaos. The average cost of an emergency flight is £2250: Looks like “there may be trouble ahead”.