Restoring Fairness

by ragingcrip

Fucking shit has been poured on the 99% from the greatest possible height by the 1%, but don’t worry as its all in aid of ‘restoring fairness’, you see the toolbox are on a moral mission. In the early days before the GRIM gets fully under way, everyone is worried because of the report published by the DWP, which show that nearly 60% of the 550,000 tenants affected were in rent arrears and only one in 20 had been able to move to a smaller homes. While hardly a surprise to any class warrior, its shaken up the Lib Dem’s, who are running like rats from the sinking ship:,2N6LN,FK92RM,9NSGU,1 That’s the sort of thing you do when you face complete wipe-out at the polls. Another area which will not surprise class warriors, but which surprises everyone else is the problem of council tax arrears. In the area of London alone there have been 118000 court summons: The level of fucking shit raining down in the pogrom is causing councils all over UK to have problems, its causing huge extra costs to be heaped on the poor by bailiff bastards, and its causing untold misery to poor people. Its a fucking shambles, but in the words of super nebbish DC “these changes are about restoring fairness” to Britain: So there you go, poor piece of shit, you’re pulp in the fucking gutter – but at least the filth have restored fairness to UK. While you lie in the gutter you can look at the stars to paraphrase Oscar.

Here is the nebboch Clegg being confronted on radio by a woman about bedroom tax: As time goes on, expect his dopey sad face to become a permanent feature.

A total arse that likes to talk about ‘restoring fairness’ is the wanker Penning. Here he whines about a pathetic dribble of paint that a miscreant threw at Caxton House (the DWP head quarters): “I am sure that it [the event] was peaceful, well-mannered and nice, but that is not always the case. If the hon. Lady looks at the side of the building she will see that paint has been thrown over it and there have been really nasty incidents outside.”
Despite ramming the rhetoric of ‘restoring fairness’ a number of Tories are unhappy with a number of Tory policies. The article was written in 2013, back then the effects of the benefit changes were
unknown. But have the toffs got the stomach for the pogrom?

One Tory cunt who will be frothing for the pogrom is the fuckwit Andrew Percy, the MP of Brigg, Goole and the Isle of Axholme. I loathe the irritating bastard, he may have had an ‘ordinary’ background and even worked in MacDonalds: The shegegge even made a half hearted attempt to help crips in 2010: This unctious Tory is also scared of local flooding: but it has not stopped the greedy dick-head pushing new housing in a flood zone: Here is the shtik drek relishing joining in the kicking of the poor from Hansard, as you can see, he goes on and on and on: “We did not have a single Labour MP talking about food banks before 2010, despite the fact that there had been a tenfold increase. It is the cheapest, filthiest form of politics. I am amused to hear Labour representatives talking about hard-pressed council tax payers, because in my local authority they are trying to put the council tax up. They want to increase the council tax of the hard-pressed families they claim to be so concerned about, and they want to reduce those people’s access to social care. We have prevented them from doing that. If a council is run properly, as my local authority is, it is possible to retain all children’s centres, provide ongoing council tax support and build new libraries in communities that have never had them. Those things are possible if the tough decision is taken to reduce senior management posts. When we took control of our council from Labour in 2011, there were, I think, six people who earned more than £100,000. There are now two. Our leader took a 15% pay cut, following increases when Labour ran the council. We have even been able to reduce the cuts to youth services. The point I am making is that local government is undoubtedly in a difficult situation, but it sticks in my craw when Opposition Members do not take any responsibility for the financial mess that they created, or for the pressure that they put on family budgets through council tax when they were in government. If they wanted a grown-up and sensible debate, Opposition Members would say, “Regardless of who is in power after the next election, there will still be ongoing cuts to local government.” They cannot simply oppose every single decision and say, “It would be different if we were in power.” When the shit comprehensively hits the fan Mr Percy will have to fuck off. When the villagers have pitchforks, Mr Percy will be forced to move for his own safety. Its ironic that restoring fairness will involve removing the grinning parasite.

When I comes to restoring fairness few can claim to be more concerned with it than the House of Posh Fuck. Indeed, I would say that in matters of restoring fairness the House of Posh Fuck sets a high bar which few of us plebs can ever hope to attain. As we know from the Tory bastards that obscenely rich people need help avoiding tax, they need vast corporate welfare. The opposite is the case for the poor, who need repeated kicks up the arse. Only recently the House of Posh Fuck set out a sterling example in the way it cautioned Baron Blencathra, who was getting £12000 a month to lobby on behalf of the Cayman Islands. Baron Blencathra was forced to apologise for it after a complaint by the brilliant MP Paul Flynn:

The cuts to legal aid are interesting in that they are often dressed up in terms of restoring fairness: As everyone knows they have fuck all to do with fairness, in fact the Tory fuckers are scared of having to answer for their crimes against humanity: After the revolution this will be an issue.

The goon DC has a rare gift for restoring fairness. Yesterday (16-07) he gave the blood sucking vampire Ken Clarke the award of Companion of Honour. The toff bastards Alan Duncan and Hugh Robertson are taking on the title “Knights Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George”: In the words of decent Dugher, the MP of Barnsley East “Dishing out hush-hush honours and gongs as golden goodbyes just to keep his sacked ministers happy also shows how weak Cameron is” (Morning Star 17-07).

No discussion of restoring fairness would be complete without a bit of royalty. Label angry of Highgrove what you like, but the posh putz Charlie Windsor knows about cheese. Here he enthuses: “I remember 20 years ago you could never find a really interesting cheese in this country except Cheddar. But the extraordinary explosion of artisan-made cheeses has been one of the most remarkable things in this country. Britain’s artisan cheese industry is more vibrant than ever. Cheesemakers in Britain and Ireland are creating a whole range of different textured cheeses: pungent-smelling, semi-soft, washed-rind cheeses, fragile fresh cheeses, creamy blues, and melt-in-the-mouth soft cheeses.” The Duchess of Cambridge has been taking cookery lessons from super chef Rachel Khoo, a two week course costing £1600. The royal apartment at Kensington has been fitted out at the tax payers expense, the royal couple’s Kensington Palace apartment has been kitted out with a £15,000 Sub-Zero & Wolf fridge freezer and a £8,000 Wolf oven.