Grotesque Parody

by ragingcrip

A feature of the neoliberal bastards, in their race to the bottom, is that they have turned everything upside down. We can contrast this huge outpouring of shit with the brilliant words of Sir Michael Marmot. In 2013 he said these words: “The government in Britain that we have now, the Conservative led coalition government, uses the word ‘fairness’ as if it has no meaning at all. They cut the top rate of tax—and they call it fair. They cut benefits to the poor—and they call it fair. They cut services to the disadvantaged—and they call it fair. I call it a grotesque parody of fairness!”

In the grotesque parody of fairness the poorest, most vulnerable are being forced to pay again and again for the reckless casino capitalism of the obscenely rich. No wonder dismal shlemiel Gordon Brown is getting desperate – look at the shit the walking plonker has come out with: With just ten weeks to go to the Scottish referendum its not surprising that Scottish Labour have the jitters – after all, how are they to defend the indefensible. They tried talking about social justice: but its now a joke. There is no justice when you have the disgraceful Grayling, the sakhakl arse Pickles and monumental mamzer IDS. I am not sure that the vote over bedroom tax announced by Reeves will make any difference:,2NGA4,FK92RM,9OV2T,1

Everywhere you look there are now examples of the grotesque parody these nincompoops are making of UK. The nebbish Paterson recently was sacked by DC for not being shit enough. The cretin wrote this shit after fucking off: “I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of the Green Blob. This tangled triangle of unelected busybodies claims to have the interests of the planet and the countryside at heart, but it is increasingly clear that it is focusing on the wrong issues and doing real harm while profiting handsomely.” By ‘Green blob” the grinning shmuk was referring to Friends of the Earth and environmental campaigners who actually gave a shit about badgers, fracking and wind farms. Its a grotesque parody that this dimwit actually affected government policy in such a sensitive area. Its a testament to the ineptitude of DC that he replaced the fucking shmok with Truss.

The five week and longer wait for a payment is the grotesque parody that the ganuf IDS erroneously calls a ‘safety net’: While the fucking nob IDS may be able to claim for a £39 breakfast on his expenses: ordinary people will be told to starve – the muppets say people should be able to budget better: Every propaganda campaign by the jackass DC is full of shit in a grotesque parody of truth. The DWP paraded celebrities including bearded nebbish Richard Branson, Tory-boy Stelios of Easy Jet fame, disabled war veteran Simon Weston and Paralympian Sophie Christiansen all over social media in yet another pitiful attempt at convincing us that the DWP is in fact ‘disability friendly’:

Grinning warmonger Tony Blair is a grotesque parody of a Labour politician. While the khazer, who the doofus Gove shamefully calls ‘the master’: is around Labour will never manage a sizeable majority. Although Milibean and Blair have some consensus: Blair is a fucking embarrassment. He’s like a stone round ‘Red Ed’s’ neck, dragging him into the Tory maelstrom. The very sight of the ahole must be enough to make ‘Red Ed’ study his navel. Its instinctive.

In a ludicrous move, senior Tories are keen to get rid of all the job centres, and replace them instead with private companies and charities. Its going to thoroughly upset PCS, and once again shows how out of touch Tory fuckers are. Its the same cost cutting doctrine, changing UK into a neoliberal nightmare. Just another piece of shit from these twats.

Everyday areas of impending chaos become clearer. One is student loans, as we drift up shit creak expect the whole country to break down and break up: Another is policing, neighbourhood community policing is taking a big hit, but there’s still loads to come:

Oh what the fuck – things are hotter in the Big Brother House. Following Ash and Helen’s intimate fumble under the covers on Sunday night’s episode, Steven approached Ash and demanded ‘a full update immediately’ as the pair spoke in the kitchen.
Ash tried to play down the event as he insisted the pair were still just friends, though Winston joked that the pair would end up getting married.
Ash denied the claim saying: ‘It’s not a fucking relationship …we just had a fucking snog!’