Slow Ignition

by ragingcrip

The whole shift of the Tory cabinet to the right has fooled no one. The British public are starting to ignite, voting for the filth after the reshuffle has shown a sharp fall:

The new disabilities minister is the lying nebbish Mark Harper. He’ll be the latest in a long line of blood sucking vampires who fuck over weak, vulnerable people. He’ll be overseeing the catastrophe of PIP: As the disaster extends into the grim, the slow ignition will highlight his gross incompetence. The grimacing putz wasted no time in joining filthy DC to vaunt the cringe-worthy Disability Confident campaign: Here is some shit from Harper: “We have come a long way in dispelling outdated views about disabled people in the workplace, as these figures show. Yet thousands more could still be following their career dreams by applying for Access to Work. It pays for unique and tailored support for more than 30,000 people and could help your business take on talented disabled people, or if you’re a disabled worker, get or keep a job yourself” : Just because these condom-heads say ok sound bites, is irrelevant. What is important is how these dongs are destroying the lives of people, now the pogrom has intensified. Mark Harper make look like a harmless schlong, but the toff hates disabled people, and spouted this shit in 2010: “There are definitely some people in our country, and everyone in every community knows who they are, who are able to work, and don’t, and those people mustn’t be given the option of staying on benefits when other people are going out and working incredibly hard to try and support their families” and then, when told by the original questioner that he should be condemned for his language: “I gave a very balanced answer, when I said there are some people, and it was very clear during the General Election campaign, because everybody sees them, able-bodied people who have no barriers to work who choose not to. And there’s nothing that upsets people who work hard to take care of their families, who see other people living at least as good a life as they do, who don’t work for a living. They find it outrageous and particularly when money is very tight, they want the government to do something about it.” Snide posh boy Harper may hate the welfare state, but he benefited from it on many occasions:

Vile grunt Kenneth Clarke has been embarrassing the Tories. While he should never be forgiven or forgotten for his disgusting Legal Aid Bill, he’s been winding the toff fuckers up and that’s always thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Its hard to gag Tory spite. Tory spite as we noted is like diarrhoea. It cannot be kept in, but he’s too dim to realise the spite is symptomatic. Its a sign the whole shit house is now starting to get ripe for implosion. So far they’ve shown unity except with Europe. The vicious ganuf did manage to say one thing of note: (Talking of the economy he said): “It’s not firmly enough rooted on a proper balance between manufacturing and a wide range of services and financial services. I mean, we have this mystery of why we can’t get productivity to start rising again.” What the excrescence doesn’t get is that the dud economy is a symptom of being up shit creek. All Tories carry knives, they will stab each other willy nilly if prodded.

A well done to the people of Wisborough Green in West Sussex. They successfully fought off fracking, but their battle may not be over as Celtique Energie may appeal: Fracking in the South East of England, no matter what the toffs say, will create hatred. Its a part of the slow ignition. Monbiot suggests that the shmegegge Paterson will try and form a tea party in UK, and it wont be pretty:

Filthy DC has his knickers in a twist. A crazy Russian lady Lubov Chernukin pledged £160000 to watch charmless DC face the bumbling anus Bojo in a tennis match. DC doesn’t want to give the dosh back, now he wants sanctions on Russia: In the slow ignition the incompetence and grinding immorality of the toff tossers will be increasingly obvious. These bastards stink, but by the endgame its going to be a really bad smell.

Prince Charles may spout about the environment but the royal buffoon loves hunting. Other members of the royal family who hunt include the Princess Royal and her children, Zara and Peter Phillips, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.
Posh people love killing things, its well known.
Allegedly Charlie and the Queen aren’t happy these days: “A new royal biography revealed a deep bitterness between the Queen and Prince Charles, her uncompromising attitude towards Camilla Parker Bowles and claims she viewed the late Princess of Wales as ‘mad’” These people with all this money rarely seem happy. Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain have been to the cinema. Recently they visited President Hollande of France. Queen Letizia looked confident as she strode into the Elysee Palace in a fitted summer dress, which had a nude ribbon belt tied around her waist and intricate floral designs on the hem. The tight dress served to accentuate the mother-of-two’s tiny frame, and proving that she takes every aspect of her outfit into consideration she accessorised with a nude clutch and matching earrings.