The Stink of Money

by ragingcrip

Whatever they do, the Tories can never escape the stink of money. Whether its the crazed Chernukhin woman with her tennis match between the twerp Bojo and the dirty schlong DC: or the filthy Tory lobbying that DC denies – look at the bastards: The rancid Tory vermin maybe talking shit about sanctions with Russia, but at the same time the trade in arms to Moscow is massive: The trouble is that too many stinking rich Russians have given money to Tories:

The opposite of having huge amounts of money is being fucking tight. All Tories now stink of money, and it makes all their talk of austerity seem like total shit. Gaffe prone Tory nebbish Gavin Barwell, the MP of Croydon Central has recently been exposed as a tight pillock: Over in Bromley, South London, the tight baby-killers are closing down the local food bank as they wont pay the rent (£8400) imposed by Bromley council: During the grim this will become notorious, but what can you expect when you have a snotty frothing bitch on the council like Tory Alexa Michael: “It is neither the Councils or the Government’s responsibility that people die due to policy’s, if they die, they die” That’s the kind of sociopathic shit that defies words. Arses like Michael have zero compassion, zero empathy, they are selfish greedy trollops, they spread the disease selfishness like a rat spreads a plague, they are the cancer of society.

The social cleansing of London is all about the stink of money. Its an ugly, disgraceful process. Here, poor people of Southwark and Lambeth are fighting: / The shameful stink of money is the direct cause of evictions in the pogrom. Here the bastards tried to evict a cancer patient, unsuccessfully:

The putrid Katie Hopkin’s reckons that unemployed people should be made to wear a special uniform: Personally I believe this atrocious bag is motivated by money. She may not say it, but I speculate the stink of money has her quivering. Someone as full of hate as this troll is only after one thing, the snide gob must have big debts. After Peaches Geldof died, spiteful trollop Hopkin’s wrote : “Peaches’ fatal syringe was in a box by the bed – along with some sweets. She was taking care of her baby son after all…Let’s turn the tables. It was me that took an overdose whilst caring for my 11 month old. Would I be a fallen angel too?” Hopkin’s is a preacher of hate, she needs to be disenfranchised and forced on one of klutz Osborne’s famous mandatory work placements.

Money problems is an important way for these jackasses to destroy the NHS. A new report has been published, and the number of NHS trusts referred to the health secretary over financial concerns increased almost fourfold in a year. Among those referred to Hunt for failing to meet their statutory break-even duty were the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals and Ipswich hospital NHS trusts. Mid-Essex Hospital Services, North-west London Hospitals and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS trusts were also on the list. Ten trusts, including North Cumbria University Hospitals and Croydon Health Services NHS trusts, received “adverse” conclusions, meaning the auditor was not satisfied that the body had made proper arrangements to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources.

Tax avoidance on an industrial scale is about the stink of money. Obscenely rich bastards, who donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to the filth avoid huge amounts of tax:–with-hmrcs-blessing-9624358.html Its not restricted to oil firms and bankers. Musicians and comedians all love a bit of it – despite them making a living from the working class – even George Michael penned a song about living on benefits: While dirty DC and his ugly sidekick ‘bell-end’ Osborne turn a blind eye to massively greedy bastards, they ensure that the poor pay. Massive new cuts are raining down on the people of Salford now, the council of Salford say feebly they have no choice: Its actually bollocks when councils say they have no choice. They have a choice. If they say ‘no’, then the massive cunt Pickles does it for them, but they have a choice.

When it comes to money few people understand its power more than the royals. Rich people love keeping money in families. The biographer of Lady Diana, Andrew ‘butt-hugger’ Morton opines about the royal succession: “I think William will become the first King to do the job for several years but then abdicate. This could mean George is still relatively young when he takes over, which obviously mean he has a totally different life ahead of him.  I’m not saying William has consciously planned this far ahead but I think this is how it will unfold. William never talked about his future in terms of his destiny or duty. He always talks about being king as a job, not a vocation or calling.”