The Delayed Starting Gun

by ragingcrip

Rage of the degree not seen in uk comprehensively ever before is now ripening. I am not a prophet – I see what I see. The Scottish election marks a convenient delayed starting gun. Its close, its still too close to call. Opinions differ on whether dirty DC wants to lose Scotland, but he may do. DC hates Scotland so much he is prepared to spend the last two weeks before the referendum there: But the toff nebbish is under instructions from the Oz bulldog. Propaganda also exists from Scots: Its impossible for us uniformed observers to know what is what. The ‘NO’ side are hiding complacency, and yet they know that filthy DC is hated in Scotland. If Scots think that DC is likely to get in Westminster again then they vote ‘YES’, but there are also a massive 30% of Scots who are undecided: They are the Scots who will be voting ‘YES’ as the pogrom intensifies.

This is fun:!

This description of Esther McVey is worthy of merit, from the Daily Heil (published in Private Eye (no.1371): “She sashayed into Downing Street, offering a glimpse of thigh-high slit skirt. And after Esther McVey’s meeting with the prime minister…her blonde mane was thrown backwards as in a shampoo advert”.

The housing bubble is less stable then they admit in public: We are now so far up shit creek that we can hardly see the wood for the trees. They tell us only the shit they want us to hear. They will be forced to use their biggest weapon to try and stop the pesky bubble inflating – the so called nuclear option:

Its taken some time for mega shmuk Osborne to accept there is even a bubble:
William Zimmern is a senior economist, and wrote this in July 2014: ‘We don’t believe the housing market is overheating at a national level yet, although evidence of a bubble in London is stronger.’ Looks like that shit will hit the fan in the next few months: Come on George you dolt – you don’t have to be a genius to see what’s coming.

Pillocks in the grass roots Labour party saw off an attempt to get rid of austerity measures at the National Policy Forum by 125 votes to 14: The twerps need to hear the starting gun. These idiots think that disabled people, the unemployed, the NHS, vulnerable people and people simply down on their luck are two weak to fire the starting gun. We’ll have to change their minds.

The firing of the starting gun will be too late for Stuart Holley, 23, who hung himself. This proud man who tried to provide for his family became collateral damage of the Tory cunts:

During the wait for the starting gun, council tax arrears are rocketing: Importantly it also effects Scotland:

At the same time the chronically evil Grayling is leaving a trail, its going to be fucking easy to follow: Grayling is destined for implosions all of his own, but when the time comes the whole lot will implode as one. No one can predict when this time will be, but history has a habit of repeating itself. That’s why I am picking 05 November. But as I say I am not a prophet – I am just an over educated disabled man who can read the signs.

Young Prince George was showered with gifts on his first birthday. Here are a few: Sudocrem commissioned the jewellery designer Theo Fennell to create an 18ct white gold bracelet in honour of George’s birth. Complete with a charm-sized nappy rash cream holder, the present was worth £10,000; The city of Darwin in Australia gave the newborn a crocodile that had hatched the day his conception was announced. George the Royal Crocodile lives at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin and has his own Facebook page with more than 2,700 likes; filthy DC and his wife, Samantha, sent George a Roald Dahl box set; Auntie Pippa ‘moron’ Middleton commissioned the sculptors Wrightson & Platt to craft silver castings of George’s hands and feet at a reported cost of £7,000; The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in New Zealand gave George a handmade First World War-style flying helmet lined with possum fur; India Hicks – the designer and former model, 678th in line to the throne herself (she is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma), sent George a pair of monogrammed cufflinks from her own Love Letters range: the pope gave The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were presented by Pope Francis with a lapis lazuli orb featuring a silver cross of St Edward the Confessor.