Mounting Co-lateral Damage

by ragingcrip

Brilliant Chunky Mark, has said it like it is : “This is not a recession. This is a robbery” In the robbery which I prefer to call a pogrom, poor people are repeatedly taking the damage, as lives are trashed continuously. A recent case has been David Clapson, a diabetic aged 59. Mr Clapson had been a soldier for years, fighting and keeping the peace in Northern Ireland. The government stripped him of every penny he had, when they sanctioned him they left him to die from his diabetes, starving, penniless and alone. As his sister Gill writes “I think he just gave up. I want the lessons to be learned. I don’t want anybody else to die. He shouldn’t have died like that. You wouldn’t let an animal die like that, would you? I just look at food now and think, ‘My brother didn’t have any. My brother was not a scrounger. He was getting £71.70 a week. He was not living on ­champagne and caviar. They should have taken into account his past work and his condition.” Mr Clapson joins the growing list ex soldiers who are denied benefits Ex service personnel are regularly pushed through humiliating assessments, such as Mr Champagnie and his struggles with a 1p coin:

Nowhere is the mounting collateral damage more visible than the disgusting sanctions. The staff of the job centres are now expected to sanction each other – the atmosphere is now fucking poisonous: The staff doling out the sanctions have some of my sympathy. But its been proven that the sanctions regime has nothing to do with fairness:

If you’re weak the bastards crush you. Filthy DC is running scared of his women’s issues. Many Tories beat women, they love trampling on the vulnerable. They have got in a tizzy at Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, where Tory Bernard Seargent caused waves over wife beating Tory bastard David Ruffley: Turning on my computer this morning I read that the dumb-ass David Ruffley has stood down: This may stop an investigation by the fuckwit Gove, who was on the record last year as saying that domestic violence was a ‘lifestyle choice’:

The localism act is a deliberate instrument of the pogrom, councils use it to attack the poor. It doesn’t matter if the boot is on a right leg or a left leg when you are lying in the gutter. There are many Labour councils who kick the poor, increasing the cycle of homelessness, spiralling rent and social cleansing:

In these days you have to get your humour where you can. Some one has put a card board cut out of filthy DC on Amazon. Here are a few reviews :

On the rifle range it kept falling over in the wind. There was no warning in the description but even in our semi enclosed rifle range a small gust of wind made DC flap around and eventually fall over face down in the mud. We’ve tried weighing down the base with boxes of redundant child benefit claim forms but no avail. Works well indoors though and with a set of darts kept the children amused for hours.

Not strong enough – this product was very disappointing, after my archery class bought several they were destroyed within minutes, a very poor product.

Beautiful piece of history, I could spit on this for hours! If you get nothing out this year at least get this. Fun for all the family. My son kicked a hole in his balls the other day so I am not too pleased.

I bought this model and the Nick Clegg one. However on opening the box I realised that the Clegg one was firmly stuck to the backside of Cameron. Sadly I think it will take a lot of Labour to remove them from each other.

The NHS could become an area of massive collateral damage. The Tory toolbox are remorselessly running our cherished national institution into the ground: . The khazers hate it – death, illness, morbidity, birth – forget all these, the only thing human misery is about is making money, and as we know money trumps human rights every time. If you get rid of the NHS you can make £200000000000. A fucking fortune, it was always bound to get the toffs salivating. Its sickening to watch as poor Andy Burnham flails around and the government say endless shit: But at the end of the day there is no denying that the NHS has been privatised via the back door. At the general election it will be in melt down, or, it may have melted. The result of the pogrom has not been felt yet but it will be by the general election. But the British people are decent, and already many medical professionals have been whistle-blowers. They were brave, but they were hounded out of their jobs with trumped up allegations: Furthermore it looks like ebola is coming to UK:

Continuing the life of royal leisure enjoyed by Prince Harry who was in Glasgow on Monday at the Commonwealth Games. He’s reappeared in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday at a posh garden party, drinking a pint and wearing an irritating hat: The ‘rebellious prince’ has no end of admirers. All kinds of celebrities say they would be interested. Katie Price for example said “ “A bit of ginge? I wouldn’t say no to a bit of ginge!” Meanwhile Adele said “I’m after Prince Harry. I know I said I wouldn’t go out with a ginger, but it’s Prince Harry! I’d be a real duchess then. I’d love a night out with him, he seems like a right laugh.”

So – socialism for the parasites, rampant jungle capitalism for the plebs.