by ragingcrip

Signs, like canaries in mines, are now everywhere. Some of them are so gaping, that they seem to defy logic. An example of this kind of sign is to be seen at Charing Cross Hospital, where the local MP Andy Slaughter was locked out of an important meeting where a decision was made to close the A&E. “Despite local opposition, hospital bosses went ahead with the decision to close down the Charing Cross site. Less than six weeks from the expected shut down of the nearby Hammersmith and Central Middlesex accident and emergency units, public information has yet to be disseminated” (Morning Star, 31-07-14). Whatever shit they say, everyone knows its about money, its about pulling down the Charing Cross site and building the sickly luxury apartments. It defies logic that in an area of such dense population that such a plan can be actioned, while it builds on Lewisham and is not the first in London, it follows from a number elsewhere.

The mystery of it, is why it is a mystery at all. Newark Hospital A&E was closed in April 2011. A freedom of information request from 2013 showed a spike in subsequent mortality by 37%. The rise in deaths was 72, but in an area as complex as inner London, this could be multiplied by 100. But this is still a developing saga which will see closures all round the board. The closure at Newark even made the shtik drek MP Andrew Percy exclaim: “These shocking figures confirm what many local people already suspected. Shutting local A&E centres does not improve patients’ survival changes, it dramatically worsens them. There should be no more such closures until we have a thorough review of this policy.” Nonetheless the filth wasted no time in closing the A+E of Chase Farm Hospital, London on 09-12-13. The local nebbish and Tory MP Nick de Bois made futile speeches to save the A&E and has been fighting the closure for years. Another seething Tory, Southgate MP David Burrowes campaigned along side. But the people of Enfield lost their fight, the pillocks at the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) closed the A&E and Nick de Bois said this: “I’m disappointed by the IRP’s decision. Frankly I think it’s the wrong decision. Chase Farm Hospital should have a 24-hour A&E unit, end of story. I also think the Secretary of State is wrong to endorse the IRP’s decision”. Burrowes also moaned: “I, like many of my constituents, was very disappointed to hear the news that Chase Farm Hospital is likely to lose its A&E and consultant led maternity services, especially given that I have campaigned to save front-line services at Chase Farm for many years.” Immediately after the fucking closure there was misery. Unfortunate mother of Muhammad Hashir Maveed rushed the poorly child of 2 to the A&E after the fuckwits had closed it. What did she find? Fucking locked doors. By the time her son was seen he was dead: Snide lying freak DC actually campaigned for this A&E in 2007:

I’ve been peering at the useless putz Hammond. He’s right to be scared of ebola, but he has the RAF on standby: The disease is out of control in West Africa: In UK the border staff are ‘unprepared’: But as usual its what the grimacing toffs don’t tell you which is relevant – that the virus is air-born, that its a mutation But whether they tell you this or not, there’s one thing you can deduce, that if ebola came to UK the NHS would go down.

Grayling, was always going to be a problem. Grayling is bonkers, nasty and stupid. Filthy DC loves Grayling because of his hatred for the poor. He hates them so much that the sanctimonious bastard got a great thrill when he cut apart the rope which binds society together:
Everything he’s done is turning into a pile of shit: The lies and cheating are listed, he’s a sociopath: Here’s some of the mamser: “Criminals should be in no doubt they will be punished for their crimes, with those who commit the most serious offences receiving the most severe sentences.”

The grotesque butt-crack Eric Pickles is well known for his folksy quips. Here is some shit from 2010: “It’s a basic right for every English man and woman to be able to put the remnants of their chicken tikka masala in their bin without having to wait a fortnight for it to be collected.” The bastard Pickles is a mass murderer, but he’s getting away free at the moment thanks to his class privilege. But Pickles is now tasked with making the final judgement on controversial applications to explore for shale gas: He’ll be hated as the carnage spreads. He’s already hated in Yorkshire: The bastards say they will not frack under National Parks except in ‘exceptional circumstances’ – if they think the deposit is of national significance. Pickles is the condom-head who will be making decisions:

The bedroom tax is biting the government in the arse now on a regular basis. Everyone knew it was the fucking stupidest policy of any UK government in the entire history of time. Consequently Housing Associations are building 77% of their new homes with just one or two bedrooms. Karen Buck, the parliamentary private secretary to Labour leader Ed Miliband and a member of the work and pensions select committee that scrutinised the bedroom tax before it was passed, said: ‘[The government] should be trying to provide for housing need in all parts of the country, not floundering around with a knee-jerk reaction to one specific policy.’

Back in the leisurely life of socialism enjoyed by the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been in Glasgow at the Commonwealth Games. Its wonderful the way that Kate has extended her royal patronage to the disabled kids of SportsAid just at the time that the establishment have fucked disabled people right over. Meanwhile, William and Harry travelled to the Gorbals Leisure Centre to meet young people training on the Coach Core programme. Again, this engagement was about supporting young people in sport. Coach Core gives those aged 16-24 the chance to become the next generation of inspirational coaches. I think its wonderful the way the poshes pretend to give a fuck about the commoners. Kate wore her striking blue Stella McCartney Ridley Stretch Dress from the Fall 2012 Collection. The crepe frock originally retailed for £515. Kate accessorised with her Cartier watch, Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings and her Asprey charm pendant.

Come on, let’s have a bit of the Queen mother: “We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be (fucking) normal”: