Building Rage

by ragingcrip

For too many years rage has built. During the GRIM the rage will explode. Its a bit like a volcano. Molten hot rock builds up under enormous pressure in the magma chamber. Finally it gets to a point where it explodes. The Tory toolbox don’t even think about the explosion. They don’t think it will ever happen, they think they can control it with a few second hand water canons and a few thousand paras being trained in riot control at Lydd: . The pace has now accelerated, these next few months are critical to the process, but I can predict from this that the GRIM will be awful. It will be mind bending, it will change rage into desperation. Desperation as we know from history cannot be controlled. The general election in 2015 will be historic.

Everywhere I look I can now see building rage. You no longer have to look hard, its global. Brilliant Belgrave writes about pregnant single mothers being evicted: Rough sleeping in London has now increased by 64% since these bastards started:

This regime is vile. The modern Tory party is bereft of humanity. This is how they treat women refugees :

The NHS is an important safety valve, without it UK will fall to bits, but when the bastards have smashed Charing Cross Hospital, they have a plan. The plan is to build luxury apartments on the site:–and-the-decision-to-cut-its-services-will-have-a-terrible-effect-on-public-health-and-medical-training-8493715.html Fuck the rest of humanity, there is big money here, fourteen storeys of it. Lets say that’s £700000 a flat, multiply that by 200 and you get £1.4 Billion. That money though is dwarfed by the revenue you’d get by getting rid of the NHS at £200 Billion. No wonder greedy Bojo is salivating. The greedy schlump loves greed. His greedy speech of 2013 is still unparalleled amongst UK politicians, possibly globally, its an achievement, but not an achievement he should be proud of: But greed is a sign of stupidity. The stupid bastards are having a laugh if they think they can close Whittington, Central Middlesex, St Mary Paddington, Charing Cross, Highgate, Chase Farm A and Es without a humanitarian crisis. No wonder the fuckwits have employed Simon ‘Butcher’ Stevens to do the job. But the NHS in Scotland is a central plank of the alternative to austerity argument of the Yes campaign:

The plot thickens: But at the same time England is trying this approach in its desperation:

Its no wonder the issue of Scottish independence is going down to the wire, its closer now than it ever was before: No wonder the SNP have billed this the alternative to austerity: Salmon is much more impressive then filthy DC. He reckons he will trounce Darling, we shall see, or as Wishart puts it “slaughter will be worse than the Bannockburn re-enactment” It doesn’t matter what shit wazzok Alexander pedals:

Despite the propaganda, one thing is clear – its going to be a lot more exciting than the putz Clegg versus the ghastly nebbish Farage:

One thing we can be proud of in these disgusting times is the way ordinary people have been shining.

First I must accredit a would-be Labour councillor, candidate for St Austell and Newquay Deborah Hopkins. From the Daily Heil: “Deborah Hopkins used the social networking site to accuse the Conservatives of ‘killing the sick’ and ‘starving the disabled’, claimed a Government department was using ‘starvation’ to control the population, and described the British Empire as ‘genocide’. She even used an extremely offensive swear word to attack an opponent, writing: ‘I’d call you a cunt but you have neither the depth or the warmth.’”

The 600+ food banks deserve a mention: Food banks demonstrate the generosity of the British people versus the evil meanness of the greedy Tory bastards.

I write also this time of the fabulous ladies of an undisclosed place in the North of England: . Brilliant people are the backbone of Britain. It is us who make this country great, and it is us who have to be the cavalry to force this fucking revolution. The current muppets think that no one cares while they do their sordid slashing. These cunts are like a boil, unfortunately it is our duty to carry the lance.

Finally, wonderful Sue Marsh has asked all bloggers to cross blog her blog:

But no blog is complete without a royal ending. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been commemorating the first world war, where the poor folk of UK were “lions led by a (fucking) donkeys” The event was concluded by a visit to St. Symphorien Military Cemetery, where the couple were also unfortunate enough to be joined by appalling bastard DC. Kate was wearing a Fleur Ruffle beret costing £615, an Alexander McQueen coatdress with a peter pan collar costing £1200. The couple need a holiday – that’s why they will be up at Balmoral soon: . Ludicrously Willie Windsor will be joining East Anglia Air Ambulance soon at the time of crisis. Its going to be a royal knockout.