by ragingcrip

Every area of this spiteful mean government is shambolic. While the toff cunts pillory the poor they are making a total arse of everything else. Like a reverse Midas everything these bastards touch turns into shit.

In the scale of things the crisis in PIP deserves attention. Its driving innocent sick people to desperation, if it was not for the many food banks these people would starve to death. The nebbish Mark Harper is in charge of this, here is some Harper on the subject: “The delays faced by some people are unacceptable, and we are committed to putting that right. By the Autumn, we anticipate that no one to be waiting for an assessment for longer than 26 weeks and by the end of the year no one to be waiting longer than 16 weeks”. Crapita are running the assessing of PIP, for which the government shovelled them with ATOS £500000000: In the years to come the rich will be penalised heavily for this. This article details a typical case: The fuckwit Harper needs to get his finger out pronto. Like so many of these murdering bastards Harper came from an ordinary background. He took full advantage of society to climb the ladder of social mobility and once he was up there the mean bully kicked the ladder away. Harper joins a line of total bastards who have attacked disabled people while being disability ministers, Mike Penning, Esther McVey, Maria Miller. Each one of these snide mean bullying bastards needs to be placed in one of joker Grayling’s Titan jails, together in a tiny room. Then some one should throw they key away.

Warsi has stood down over Gaza, her tweets suggest she had a noble reason: I don’t buy it. Warsi hates piece of shit DC, she’s hated the sanctimonious shmeldrick for years. She resigned to cause damage to DC, and greedy bastard Bojo has muscled in too. Here is the huge nebbish: “I can’t for the life of me see how this can be a sensible strategy. I think it is disproportionate, I think it is ugly and it is tragic and I don’t think it will do Israel any good in the long run.” Bojo didn’t spout because he gave a shit, its all a game to the great putz. It was a game to Warsi. Immediately after she fucked off colleagues had their knives out: “Self-indulgent, arrogant, hypocritical, and now a non-entity. She jumped before (fucking) Dave pushed her after the election.” But in the long game Warsi’s resignation could be relevant. She could come out with Nadine Dorries style clangers, and she has form, indeed the resignation of Warsi could be an important catalyst in the class war: Small wonder the swinging dicks are frit: But don’t expect decency from a shameless Tory. Tories have no shame. True statesmanship comes from the stalwart Jeremy Corbyn:

Snide DC wrote on the WWI memorial: “Your enduring legacy is our liberty. We must never forget” Despite this shite DC has forgotten. Dirty DC has no humanity. Stories like this are now common: “A few months ago, a campaigner sent me a link to a desperate message on DC’s Facebook page. It was a suicide note, written to the PM by a mother who said she had been sanctioned to live on £25 a week for not attending the Work Programme. The letter said she had been unable to attend because of mental health problems including anxiety, agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder. “You see, I don’t really want to live any more,” the letter read. “Not in the world you have created… I prefer this way to starving to death. Please tell my daughter I loved her very much and am doing this to protect her.” When I tracked down the woman, she had survived her suicide attempt. But she had given up her daughter to social services, fearing that she couldn’t afford to feed her – and because she felt the effect the stress had had on her mental health meant she could no longer care for her. Her daughter remains in care. “How could I attend the Work Programme?” she asked me. “I can’t even leave my own front door.”After the incident, in May, the woman received a letter from the DWP saying her sanction had been overturned. It was dated the same day as her suicide attempt. She would have died not knowing that the decision had been overturned.”

Its shambolic the way these idiots are bankrupting the state. Wherever you look you will now find these twerps are ruining the country – take the court system for example. Now that poor litigants have to defend themselves its costing loads more in court time: But then this was never about saving money, these reforms are about kicking poor people repeatedly. Its about putting us down. The probation omnishambles still has a way to go: Its a shambles the way that the klutz Pickles is administering his cuts round the country. The North East now has the greatest cuts: Areas with the least cuts are the richest with the most Tories: This will create a deeply divided country but also will create civil unrest. In a number of areas clear evidence has now emerged of shambolic inconsistency – saying they will do one thing – and then completely fucking their plan by fucking up the problem big time: Indeed this is one of the main areas of consistency of this government – they are consistently shite.

Sadly you cannot look to the royals to force a revolution. Fucking rich people do nothing but keep their money as tight as possible, kill anything that moves, stink of snobbery and tell poor people they are poor for social reasons. Revolutions come from ordinary people. The rage in the British people was understood by Trotsky (1879-1940) who was far ahead of his time. He wrote: “England is nothing but the last ward of the European madhouse, and quite possibly it will prove to be the ward for particularly violent cases”

Nine months until the general election.