by ragingcrip

Fuckwit Borisconi has indicated he wants to be an MP. In the past years the greedy bastard has been asked regularly if he wants to be PM. In 2003 he said “I’m more likely to be decapitated by a frisbee” , in 2004 it was “My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive”: In fact every single year the disgraceful nebbish has denied it in one way or another.
The parlous oink believes he will win, but his chutzpah is based on an inflated sense of his own intellect: Under the watch of Borisconi there has been social cleansing, a number of pointless and costly vanity projects: and the GRIM is now imminent. Under the pressures of the GRIM Fucking Borisconi will be exposed for the pompous charlatan he is. He will be hated by all of London

Its hard to predict the future of Borisconi. Borisconi defies normal parameters, but his charm will wain after the next round of big hospital closures. Borisconi hates going to Lewisham, in 2013 he was heckled for almost two hours there: The closures of the NHS in London in 2013 and 2014, coupled with the effects of the pogrom which are not fully felt yet, will alter the picture. I don’t believe that Borisconi is the brain of Britain. This can be proved by examining what the great schlub believes in. Only a stupid cynical moron could say that the homeless and the obscenely rich are in the same class as oppressed minorities, and yet this is exactly what Borisconi waffled in 2013:

Which hospitals are in line for closure? – As usual its actually really hard to get accurate information. 32 Hospital Trusts are at risk according to Labour in March 2014. They listed: Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals; George Eliot Hospitals; United Lincolnshire Hospitals; North Cumbria University Hospitals; Barnet And Chase Farm Hospitals; Barts Health; Bedford Hospital; Croydon Health Services; Ealing Hospital; East Cheshire; East Sussex Healthcare; Northampton General Hospital; Plymouth Hospitals; Portsmouth Hospitals; Princess Alexandra Hospital; Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals; University Hospital of North Staffordshire; Weston Area Health; Worcestershire Acute Hospitals; Wye Valley. They also listed the foundation trusts:Tameside Hospital; University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay; Sherwood Forest Hospitals; Bolton; Derby Hospitals; The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn; Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals; Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals; Cambridge University Hospitals; Kettering General Hospital; Medway; Milton Keynes Hospital.

But even this list is incorrect. It misses Charing Cross Hospital A&E, Central Middlesex Hospital A&E, parts of St Mary Paddington: . Make no mistake – its all experimental. The plan? What plan? The plan is there is no plan.

10 September = the closure of this string of hospitals marks something symbolic, a major acceleration of the class war. Characteristically they are already using an Orwellian tone:

The closures also mask temporary closures, which mean that wards have to close. In maternity for example there have been many ward closures recently: “Data obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act has revealed that a large number of NHS trusts in England had to close maternity units in 2013. A shortage of staff or beds were the most common reason given for the closures. It is understood that of the 121 respondents that provided information, 62 (51%) had been forced to temporarily close units. Some 12% admitted they had closed their units 10 times or more; and while some closures were just for a few hours, there were other wards that had to close their doors to new patients for more than 48 hours until pressures had eased on resources.”

Whipps Cross, London, is my local hospital. I was born there, for all my life I have had a relationship with Whipps Cross. Disabled people have a unique relationship with hospitals. Right now, that they are in trouble we will defend them to the fucking end. The bastards inspected Whipps in 2013, they found a catalogue of things they could moan about: This was never about inspecting standards, this was about attacking the NHS from every single conceivable angle. But, make no bones about it, if they get rid of Whipps and Barts and the Royal fucking London, then we have a disaster. I was on the march to try and save Whipps in 2013: As I marched, I had one thought endlessly going around my brain – thank goodness the dimwit IDS is on our side:

At these dark times, we naturally look to strong people to lead the way, but what do we find when we look – fucking Borisconi, the grinning bastard should be embarrassed for his greed.

The fuckwit Borisconi is familiar to the royals. When the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was opened by Borisconi he played with Harry Windsor. Harry Windsor was on that popular posh sport at the time, poverty safari. He actually spoke to ordinary people on a number of occasions, including the memorable lines “You never know, the Olympics might be back here again before we know it. The amount of money that has been spent and the creativity as well, I think it’s brought it to life. I think the members of the public will get a chance to come here and for kids obviously they absolutely adore it, playing in the sand. ” Spot on Harry Windsor, what we really need is another olympics, something to look forward to after the GRIM, as we survey the wreckage of our proud and unique country.