Bloody Rage

by ragingcrip

As tempers fray, this government of freaks slowly drifts up shit creek. We are getting to an important stage, it is not the climax, it is the stage when everyone is scratching their heads and starting to think ‘what the fuck’. All over the country decent people are now standing up and shouting “ENOUGH”. But its not going to be enough, it will not be enough until the whole 99% are involved. Too many people are still soaking in the media shit. Is it so easy to fuck over decent people? Take the case of the revolting closures inflicted on the people of West London. The changes involve shafting maybe 50000+ people, so what does the government do – they waste £55000 getting the bastards at Saatchi advertising: to alter the truth about the string of closures. Saatchi do have a plan. The plan is to say that the hospitals are not closing, they are changing: The murdering bastards at Saatchi have directly set up another Chase Farm event:
Are ordinary people stupid enough to believe this shit? As tragic stories pile up, the rapidity of the escalation will be exactly what the fucking experts predicted: “It is better for patients to go the right place – with the right specialists, not just to get to the nearest place. That is what is vital to survival outcomes.” (Dr Christopher Harrison) But in every single capacity this government of stinking nincompoops has excelled at ignoring experts. These closures are a direct affront to our human rights. But human rights are irrelevant. Money trumps every other thing in the neoliberal void. Vicious bastard Jeremy Cunt is a slimy klutz. Cunt was born in an NHS hospital, but the over privileged nebboch is related to the Queen: The dork with the rigor mortis grin was born to rule. At Oxford he was chums with chief nebbish DC and his bursting pretender Borisconi, but he never joined Bully: The slimy shlemeil has now entered Cockney rhyming slang. We now say ‘so and so is a right Jeremy Hunt’ all the time, its official: When the shit hits the fan I can’t see Hunt lasting. Cunt might be a smarmy tosser, but he wont have a plan. Its part of the neoliberal ethos that there is no plan, the greedy bastards are all me, me, me.

John Lister of the NHA is a brilliant advocate of the NHS; he writes in 2014: “Without a break from the funding squeeze and serious increases in front line resources the NHS is being made unsustainable by Hunt, who has in the past made no secret of his ambition to discredit it and open the door for private medicine and health insurance” :

Barts is a special place for Londoners. Its crisis is disgusting: “The financial crisis threatening jobs and services at Britain’s biggest NHS hospital trust, Barts in London, is a scandal and a tragedy – because it is entirely contrived.” : Nonetheless Barts is losing £2000000 a week, and is having to take urgent action to balance its books, including cutting 1000 staff out of a workforce of 15000. But that article is from 2013. They wont tell us what is happening NOW. The hospital trust which runs Barts also runs a number of hospitals in North East London: Whipps Cross, Newham, Redbridge, The fucking PFIs mean that the trust which runs Barts is paying £115000000 a year for 42 years:

When it comes to the Whittington Hospital, mention must be made of the sterling work of the campaign – Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition: The chief nebbish Steve Hitchins has links with private health companies, he’s a freak: He was appointed through an act of political croneyism, the appointment was a disgrace: He says shit about what is going down, everything has to be read between the lines: Like all these grinning bastards its all smoky mirrors. On June 04, 2014, the cocknugget Hitchins stormed out of a public meeting after being presented with more than 5,000 signatures from campaigners opposed to the Board’s plans. Fuckwit Hitchins refused to answer questions about why the hospital is being privatised and why A&E services are now under review. Instead he instructed his colleagues on the Management Board to leave the room. I don’t think that matters look good at the Whittington, with 80 hectares up for grab in London alone filthy DC is salivating:

No one can get to the truth about the state of the NHS, but they will be under no illusion at the general election, or even before that when the NHS will take central stage. The MP of Gloucester, the shmeldrick Richard Graham has spent three days volunteering at the Gloucester Royal Hospital (GRH). GRH is in ok nick, the rest of hospitals in the area are taking the hit: Here’s some of the nebbish Graham: “Of course it’s nice to surprise people who have pre conceived ideas about what MPs do and don’t imagine cleaning in a hospital ward is one of them. But it’s seeing all the staff in action, knowing how busy they are, and hearing patients unprompted say “they’ve saved my life” or “they look after us so well” that gives me the balanced view. How precious is this great healing and caring link with every household in the city? One nurse from overseas said to me: “in my country we can only dream of having a GRH”. I may be biased because my father, like many in the stroke ward, was magnificently treated and his life would not be the same today without that. I sense we’re luckier than we know, and should be proud, and grateful.” (Newsletter Richard Graham 07/08/14) Graham is incorrect, none of us have any doubt as to what a Tory MP does. Tory MPs fuck over ordinary people, they have zero compassion, all they are interested in is greed. Tory MPs like to think how stupid we all are, while they fuck us over.

Decent people are fighting to save Stafford Hospital, camping outside. The bastards say that after it closes, everyone will have to take the 17 mile ride up the M6 to Stoke Hospital. Its a fucking stupid idea, as the M6 is busy.
Its impossible to find a closure date, yet again.

The royal family never use the NHS, when they go and luxuriate in their private hospitals its the tax payer that pays: , and yet the royal family are intertwined with the NHS, all over the country we can see Royal London Hospital, Royal Marsden H, Bristol Royal H for Children, Leicestershire Royal Infirmary etc. Brits have been polled in 2012, when they were more proud of the NHS than the royal family: Few members of the royal family care more about the NHS, then dismal nebbish Charles Windsor. In 2012 angry of Highgrove addressed the medical establishment: . Vomit enducing Charlie says there should be a lot more compassion in the NHS. Here the toff opines: “Surely, there can never have been a better time for all clinicians to emphasise the value of caring, continuing relationships and of adopting a more holistic approach to health and disease – a human approach, if you like, which maximizes the potential of the physical and social environment, so that healing and better health can thrive?” Its great when the toffs give a shit, but he’s right, and the Tory party acknowledge a human approach is fundamental. Someone who knows how to display humanity is the dirty bastard DC. Here the cocknugget is spouting in 2011: “These reforms aren’t about theory or ideology – they are about people’s lives. Your lives, the lives of the people you and I care most about: our children, our families and our friends. So I have to say to people: if not now, then when?”