Gross Ineptitude

by ragingcrip

In these times of crisis, like sinking wanderers caught in quick-sand, instinctively we try and grab onto something. But there is nothing, the political class are almost all pathetic bastards. It takes the weakest bastard to be morally bankrupt, and it would take a strong opposition leader to stick up for the weakest. The truth is that Miliband clearly knows what shit is going down, but rather than stick up for us, for years he’s been sticking the boot in, in a mealy mouthed pathetic manner. The Labour members of Ulverstone in Cumbria said that Miliband’s stance to welfare reform was ‘pathetic’. “We have been terrified by the polls on welfare, terrified of losing middle-class votes, and the votes of our natural supporters who have been persuaded by the media of the ‘skivers’ culture.”

A sign of gross ineptitude in these dark times is scum-bag DC enjoying his holidays, the bastard is in Portugal. Its giving the Tories cold feet: While a crisis unfolds with the Yazidi people, the ugly klutz is chillaxing. The Daily Heil takes over: “Wandering barefoot across a sun-kissed beach, David Cameron looks like he does not have a care in the world…. Mr Cameron flew into Portugal for a 10-day family break on Saturday, August 2. Wearing sunglasses and his trademark blue polo shirt as he carried his trainers in one hand, he appeared tanned and relaxed…. At one point he balanced his sunglasses on the top of his head and gave a thumbs up to a passer-by. Mr Cameron, who also had a break in Lanzarote at Easter, will return to Downing Street in the middle of this week…But he and his wife will then leave Number 10 again later this summer for their traditional holiday in Cornwall:

Gross ineptitude is everywhere you look. Its symptomatic of a society in decay. The housing sector is in chaos because of the much vaunted Right to Buy Scheme of doofus George Osbourne. Glen Hearnden, portfolio holder for housing at Harrow Council, said: ‘We lose twice with the government scheme, we lose the property from our stock and then we pay to rent it back. It all adds up to our residents suffering. It feels like we are fighting the fires caused by an overheating housing market whilst the government is stood on our (fucking) hose pipe.’

Borisconi is unique even among the tories for his ineptitude. Everything he touches turns to shit, back in 2012 they said this: The greedy bastard may grumble about spikes in Southwark:, but under his sloppy stupid watch London is now third world just under the surface. By May 2015 it will no longer be under the surface. Buffoon Borisconi is like a balloon that needs a bloody prick. His legacy might be the dreadful development at Crystal Palace:
Borisconi is a man of his times, he is hugely superfluous, nothing he has done has been worthy of the huge media attention: But the truth is, he still has it coming, and when it finally comes its going to be a fucking shocking one.

Joker Grayling has joined meshugenah IDS in performing his gross ineptitude in secret: Even so he now has the hatred of the legal profession: I am not a great fan of Sadiq Khan, but he is right to point at the growing chaos and crisis in the prison system: “On the one hand there’s the Tories, pretending nothing is wrong, fingers in their ears and ignoring the experts. That’ll lead to another five years of deteriorating jails, more and more violence and less and less done to rehabilitate criminals. Public safety put at risk by unreformed criminals walking the streets.”

Every single one of these Tory bastards has something shocking coming. When maniacs like IDS and Grayling conduct a vast social experiment behind closed doors this is a recipe for disaster. Those projects which are not done behind locked doors such as the vicious cuts of the mass murderer Pickles or the shameful treatment of the NHS by Cunt are surrounded by propaganda shit, but the truth will be emerging. By May 2015 the right wing media will be a wolf pack in full cry, pouring out shit, the whole lot need eradication after the revolution.

We can directly oppose these numbskulls by lauding the marchers setting off from the North East on Saturday 16-08. Its a march to save the NHS. In the words of Darlington organiser Rehana Azam: “We are not only marching to support fair funding in the NHS budget, but to overturn the Health and Social Care Act which has enforced privatisation of profitable NHS services and allowed them to be axed elsewhere.” (Morning Star 12-08-14)

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