by ragingcrip


Watching the collected gliteratti at their party conferences reminds us how useless the entire political class have become. The facetious cunt Osborne is like a human void, actually having the temerity to continue his bull in a china shop approach: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/kristian-niemietz/george-osborne-welfare-reform_b_5900918.html But don’t be hard on the poisonous git, rosy cheeked George is unable to change the fact that he was born with a silver spoon up his arse. The snide born to rule piece of shit has so little shame that he regularly appears smirking on the travesty they call the BBC. Shame on you BBC. Shame on you. When filthy DC advocates endless tax breaks for the bloated elite, we don’t see the BBC bleating: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/01/david-cameron-tax-pledges-graphs_n_5912072.html

The BBC sometimes release official apologies. The bastards need to apologise repeatedly for taking license fees off ordinary people, and then fucking them all over. After the revolution the BBC must be thoroughly eradicated of filth. I used to like the BBC, as an organisation it contains many first class people, but the upper management is now culpable. An issue which annoys me with the BBC is that they keep pretending patronising morally bankrupt ahole Bojo is funny. The great arse waves a brick around, talks about sex with a vacuum cleaner, and the dim bastards at the BBC actually pretend this is humour. This is not humour, no one is laughing where I live. It was never clever to destroy the NHS. This did not take intelligence, this takes greed, bullish stupidity and Jeremy Cunt. The idea that people under 21 should cease to have housing benefit, is as credible as cutting all the staff from the London Underground and saying that shit will not hit the fan.

Hang on, incredible penis-brain Grant Shapps has called out useless Reckless: ‘He lied and lied and lied again.’ : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2772600/He-lied-lied-lied-Furious-Tory-chairman-Grant-Shapps-tears-UKIP-defector-Mark-Reckless-gets-jostled-voters-jumping-ship.html

I particularly loathe to look at the macabre grin of Farage. It demonstrates how parlous Labour are that this grimacing nebbish can actually claim to park his tanks on the Labour lawn: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29381909. The ugly klutz pretends its acceptable to shove his disgusting party in the leaders debates preceding the election. The frightening shlemiel is showing up the useless bastard Red Ed. Pathetic Red Ed showed his poisonous colour at the Scottish elections. Laughable Red Ed is not my friend. The SNP are trouncing Labour in Scotland: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/10/how-many-seats-will-snp-surge-cost-labour-general-election They put Labour to shame, and rightfully so, people like Ed Balls, Lord Mandelson, Lord Glassman and Alan Johnson display in its disgusting fecundity the rotten core at the heart of Labour.

Tories are used to receiving rage from Jo Public. With the spreading of the fucking privilege, dull bastard Farage has benefited from disillusioned Tories, but the nimbies are running scared. All the low hanging fruit has been devoured by the locusts, and now the squeezed middle are having to give a shit for once as the vultures circle: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/11109845/Why-arent-the-British-middle-classes-staging-a-revolution.html but when the revolutionary waffle hits the Tory-graph, then you know its on (as they say in USA).

No matter what they tell you, the NHS is a major Achilles’ Heel for the Tories, and even the UKIP fuckwits. No one has a clue if the NHS will last until the General Election. Truth about the NHS is rare, but no matter how much the toolbox talk about surgeries all week: http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/516866/Surgeries-to-stay-open-at-weekends , you don’t have to be a sage to know which way the wind is blowing. I recommend the Health Service Journal: http://www.hsj.co.uk/ . Just look at the way the illuminati have trashed Hinchingbrooke: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-29414508

Actually, now I have started talking about the NHS I’d better interrupt myself to say that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again. This time the severity of her morning sickness has prevented the parasites from visiting Malta. But the annus horribilis has not yet started for our monarchic overlords. Equine Willie will be flying a helicopter for the NHS at a critical time, guaranteed juicy fall out? I doubt Willy Windsor will be ready for hard truths.

Filthy DC talked shit about the NHS in his conference speech, talking about the death of poor Ivan: “For me, this is personal. I’m someone who’s relied on the NHS and … who knows what it’s like when you go to hospital night after night with a sick child in your arms…How dare they say that I would ever put that at risk for other people’s children” http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/10/cameron-invokes-disabled-son-to-defend-nhs-policies/ It makes you want to shout loudly, “fuck off DC you fucking bastard”. What really annoys me is when idiots make the assumption that because you are nice to people, you must be a moron. The real shame of the nebbish DC is that he was allowed to breed. The inhuman piece of shit must be held to account for the way his minions have devastated our cracking public services.

Today (02-10-14) iconic Brand sat on my lap, OJ was watching, in Romford Road, as the focus E15 Mum’s continued their fight: http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/something-is-stirring-in-the-capital-the-fight-against-social-cleansing-bursts-into-life/ A chief ahole in this case has been Sir Robin Wales, an arse devoid of sympathy, of empathy, someone who epitomizes the rotten core of the Labour apple. As the grotesque government trash the lives of decent ordinary people, Sir Wales has the hypocritical cheek to say he is Labour.