by ragingcrip

The big picture is that events are speeding up.

At the same time as Red Ed is plummeting in the polls:, the evil Tories are within a stone’s throw of an overall majority. Its on, pathetic Ed has no chance: The question is – can he up his game? At one point Red Ed looked like he could, but now I am no longer sure. Burton-Cartledge tells us that the Labour party has to look right into itself, that the membership have to push the change if the nebbish Ed can only scratch his bollocks when presented with an open goal:
Stalwart Meacher says it like it is: Useless Red Ed has already lost loads of votes in Scotland: – it will set up another referendum which will rightly be a landslide victory for YES: Brilliant blogger Craig Murray understands it, and I don’t think we have seen the end of Scotland as an issue:

Yellow nebbish Clegg has also shown his colours: What is clear is that the path ahead is unclear:

It doesn’t matter what shit they tell you about the human rights act, this is class war: The freak Grayling cannot wait to get rid of the Human Rights Act:

I better interrupt this to tell you again that Duchess Kate is expecting another baby. In these dark times, its good that we can have a rare chink of light to illuminate the day. Darkness is actually something that grotesque bastard Eric Pickles vaunts, here is the fatuous bum hole addressing the Tory boys and the Tory girls at a Tory youth event, saying, “this is what Valhalla looks like” : The whole Tory machine has swung violently to the right. Small wonder then that useless Environment Minister Truss is now pushing fox hunting: Rich people love killing things, thank goodness the seething Tory has her priorities right. Its raining a lot now – when the Tory heartlands flood again, expect her to wear the wellies and a sad doggy expression.

As the election campaigns ramp up, everyone is recognising that the NHS is a central issue. Yellow nebbish Clegg has talked about mental health: The deluded arses may be crowing about the state of the NHS, but week after week, the Liberal MPs voted against our beloved public institutions, queueing up at the ballot box to make their shameless contribution: Dirty DC may waffle that the Conservatives are “the real party of compassion and social justice” but the filthy bastard is destroying the NHS. The toff dick-head thought no one would care when he stole the NHS from us, trashed it and pitilessly, silently, dismembered it. Even Labour only seem able to offer a sticking plaster of £2.5 billion in 2017: The scale of the NHS closures is almost impossible to ascertain, but when the shit does hit the fan the English lion is going to roar.

Daily we now can read disgusting stories about disabled people who are taking their lives over the so called welfare reforms. As this vile tragedy unfolds excruciatingly slowly we can only watch as fucking MPs continue fiddling their expenses, look at bell-end Jim Murphy squirm:

Greedy ahole Boris Johnson plays a leading roll in the fucking up of London: Outside of London the bastard is little known, but Bojo’s time is still coming, studying the career of the debauched grinning schmuck convinces me that more than any other politician in this country, Bojo will feel hatred. Many of them don’t give a fuck – the monster Grayling, the meshugennah IDS, Jeremy Cunt, bloody May – none of them care – but greedy dimwit Bojo aches for publicity. When the bum-hole fucked with the fire brigade he set something terrible up, and now he’s fucking up the London transport you can almost see it coming. But the truth is that at this volatile point the big events can come from anywhere. It could come from Ebola, no wonder our Cobra met today (08-10): The beleaguered NHS could not handle an epidemic.