Crisis without mentioning IDS

by ragingcrip

All this fucking spouting about who will be included on the TV debates makes me angry. Wherever I go there are people telling me that they support UKIP. Decent people being denied a voice by the ahole Farage, as he bores them into confusion with his ugly rhetoric. The khazer knows that however much he dazzles us with his pints of beer, that when the Tory party implodes, UKIP will be in there too. Lies. Stupid lies too, masking major crises, each one covered with sticking plasters.

This blog is only about a few of the crises. They all interact, which is alarming but also volatile and potentially revolutionary.

The crisis of social care has been covered with plasters, but the 99% will be feeling the sharp edge. Social care is on the brink. In this void vulnerable pensioners are turfed out of care homes: – maybe they will add to the bed blocking. Right now its shockingly high, its a huge canary in the mine – a bigger than Bojo one: The scale of the problem has been lied about by the government, its going to suddenly be a massive problem. At first they said it was 6000, turns out it should have been 600000. Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director said: “The marked rise since 2010 in the length of time people are being forced to linger in hospital because of a delayed assessment, care home place, home care package or home adaptation is an outcome of the crisis in social care. It is crazy to waste expensive NHS resources in this way, when it would be much more cost effective and better for older people to fund social care properly instead.”

The grinding problems of the NHS are intertwined with social care, the two cannot operate apart, but this basic fact was over looked by po faced Lansley. Senior Tory grandees are admitting these market driven reforms had been a “huge mistake”, the “gobbledegook” was unintelligible to filthy DC and toff toe rag Osborne: As the top brass gets queasy, the British Lion is slowly awakening. Looks like it will all be popping in time for Willy Windsor in his helicopter.

The big picture is a rapidly developing national catastrophe. Yet they dare with their patronage and their fucking arrogance, to talk about an election debate excluding my class. The Rich need a fucking good lesson. They need to learn not to be so bloody greedy. When dirty DC robbed us of all the gains made in the last three hundred years he obviously did not expect to hear the British lion roar.

There is now a crisis in the prison service: . Here the condom head Chris Grayling has been allowed to operate in secrecy. Snide cunt Grayling wallows in misery, in un pc words, the fucking lunatic has taken charge at the asylum. The frothing fascist can only think about his greed as we drift lower down shit creek. The rapidly increasing pace of the war of the poor is catching the poshes out.

Probation is a big area the toff has fucked up, the appalling results are just starting to trickle in.
As with every other area, the experts said one thing, and the wretched Tories stuck their fingers in their ears. They pretended not to hear, they didn’t give a fuck.

Grayling lost the plot years ago, he probably cannot believe his luck, that he is free to do as much damage as he can to vulnerable people. Someone who cared about the harm done to probation by the sneering bum-hole is Sarah Kane, a probation officer who killed herself, she detested his ‘reforms’ so much. She wrote a eulogy. It was read at her funeral, here is some: “A trouble-making Sarah would have delighted in calling Chris Grayling a murderer, he’s certainly murdered the probation service. But hey, let’s face it, Chrisso will continue safe and sound in his ivory tower breaking stuff that didn’t need fixing beyond repair. Shame some of that stuff was the probation service now left reeling from his incompetent bumbling.” Yet even so, the charmless bully has forced NAPO to press its panic button:

I am not a medic, I am a medieval archaeologist, I am an academic, I work by logic. In my logical world if you have a sore and you cover it with a sticking plaster again and again without curing that problem, then that sore changes. It becomes a fucking big problem, it exacerbates. In the tipsy turvy neoliberal void money trumps every other human right. The only currency is greed. But dirty DC is a sloppy operator, the worst prime minister of UK of all time has emptied the plaster box.