Stupid Bastards

by ragingcrip

One thing I really hate about this toolbox is the way they have manipulated the media to create a false idea that decent British people should stay asleep. As the British lion starts to rumble, top Tory nebbishes are getting nervous. The NHS is frightening the old guard: Very rarely the British lion comes awake. When it comes awake, it cannot be controlled. The toffs fear a fucking tsunami wave sweeping over the establishment, tearing everything away. They fear their stupid greedy lie about the economy will be discovered. But the stupid bastards are losing control. With so many deteriorating crises the eventual fall out will be compounded.

The Stupid Bastard Farage feeds from the slumber of the British lion. The grimacing mamser has no answers to the NHS problems, UKIP would love to get rid of the NHS, they say its costly and inefficient: UKIP and the NHS are toxic: The grimacing bastard may waffle about streamlining the NHS: but the gimp will cower when the lion roars. How dare the grimacing sheister keep the voice of the people from the fucking debates: I am not a Green member, I joined Left Unity in 2013, but I signed the petition to give them a voice, and now I am thinking of going Green.

Bumbling greedy fuckwit Borisconi directly feeds on populism. The morally bankrupt shlemiel is in the immediate firing line of a London catastrophe.

Jeremy Cunt is at it again. He never gives up in his drive to denigrate the NHS. The shameless bastard never stops bleating. Today (16-10-14) he’s banging on about the costly mistakes which are costing the NHS £2.5 billion a year: For years the tedious dumb-ass has been putting the service down, in the relentless Tory attack. When it collapses the egg will be on his face, no amount of rigor mortis grinning or talking shit about Stafford and Morecambe will compensate for the massive fallout. But filthy Jeremy is hiding an open secret – that there is no plan of what to do after the NHS demise. There is no plan for the Social Care Crisis. That’s right – these people are winging it hopelessly, and yet filthy DC has a vision of endless austerity which has no NHS.

Yesterday I said that filthy DC has run out of sticking plasters. I was wrong, he found another: If the government deem, they can plough money into the NHS. MP Jack Dromey is campaigning for this right now, stating the obvious that this can be “paid for by clamping down down on tax avoidance by big companies, a ‘mansion tax’ on those who own homes worth more than £2 million and by asking tobacco companies to pay their fair share” (email).

In the war of the poor, the crisis of social care is at its most sharp with the vulnerable. While greedy banking bum-holes pay themselves bonuses of millions of quid, its the most vulnerable that pay the price: As if guaranteed, bullies all over UK, indeed all over the world, are rearing their ugly heads, but the higher they are the mightier will be their fall. Imagine how sad the debauched clown Borisconi will be when the British lion wakes up. The clown can only offer circuses and wave his dong in the air. Its not a nice sight, it doesn’t work outside London, Bojo is so shit he makes Red Ken seem a moral colossus: . The social cleansing which we have seen under this administration has changed my city. The figures they tell you of how many people are homeless is the tip of the iceberg, officially last year it was 112070:, unofficially it could be 1000000.

Of all the stupid bastards, Lord Freud is one of the most stupid. The toff shit opened his gob yesterday (16-10). The freak who came up with the outstanding “you don’t have to be a corpse to go to a (fucking) funeral”:, comes out with: “Now, there is a small…there is a group, and I know exactly who you mean, where actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage and actually I’m going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it’s working can we actually …”

The SNP present as much a problem to the enfeebled Labour party as UKIP, they will certainly take Labour votes, their appearance in the leadership debates to the exclusion of SNP makes Scots angry and rightly so: Scots see this as the usual betrayal: The SNP are angry and motivated: It terrifies the establishment that a revolution could originate from Scotland:, the only reason they can do nothing about it, is that these stupid bastards can only see a small way ahead. In the neoliberal world the only thing that matters is the immediate future, the instant profit, damn the consequences. Sell your whole bloody country for a fistful of wonga. Kick the poor, pour scorn on the underclass, sell your grandmother down the fucking river.

History repeats itself. They should be teaching Trotsky at school: “The road to socialism lies through a period of the highest possible intensification of the principle of the state … Just as a lamp, before going out, shoots up in a brilliant flame, so the state, before disappearing, assumes the form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, i.e., the most ruthless form of state, which embraces the life of the citizens authoritatively in every direction…”