by ragingcrip

Disabled people, unemployed people, single parents, women and people who are simply down on their luck, and who are being massively shafted by the government, naturally look to the Labour party to defend them. But when they look all they can find is a Labour party without a backbone. The weakness of Labour is most conspicuous with immigration. Labour is scared of the racism of UKIP and the Tory mimicry. The stupid Labour bum-holes have to join in too: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/oct/23/labour-immigration-reform-bill-voter-concerns, like rabbits caught in the head-lights of a car, they cannot see how its making Labour appear Tory-lite. To Jo Public, caught out sleep walking by the toff toolbox, there is no differentiation. They look at Scotland, they see Labour argue Tory policies, and understandably they feel confused. Watching the tedious Darling defend Tory NHS policies was cringeworthy: http://www.news-cloud.co.uk/TheGuardianPolitics/2014/08/25/SalmondVDarlingScottishIndependenceDebateOnTheBbcLiveCoverage.html
The weakness at the centre of the Labour party could easily result in a UKIP win at Rochester and Strood on November 20th. When Red Ed visited the constituency he took useless Yvette Cooper, as usual they did not talk about the issues ordinary people really care about – the Medway Hospital, the fucking benefit sanctions regime and the huge cuts to social care: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/ed-miliband-to-visit-rochester-25737/ Cocknugget Red Ed is unable to connect with ordinary people, who feel forced to vote for the grinning pretenders UKIP instead. All this talk of immigration, of racism, of fucking Europe, is a smoke screen, obscuring the issues. But the British lion will not have to roar much to take the power back.
The implications of a sizeable UKIP win in Rochester and Strood could actually be severe on Labour and the Tories. For both these parties it will create fear. Labour are facing decimation in Scotland, weak Ed should stop scratching his bollocks and look at all the people lining up to bite his arse. Not long now until the general election and the British lion is just waking up. UKIP health policy is worse than the Tories, whether they like it or not, its going to be where the battle lines are drawn. Evil khaizer Lynton Crosby understands this: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/10/could-nhs-englands-call-more-funding-and-overhaul-help-labour. The Machiavellian bastard recognises the weakness of the Tories on the NHS, he knows that when they bleat about the failures of the NHS in Wales that inadvertently the toffs shoot themselves in the foot. But its no surprise that the collapse could come from Wales, its been a prediction for some time: http://bma.org.uk/news-views-analysis/news/2014/january/emergency-services-face-collapse-warns-bma
Whatever the suits tell you, the NHS exposes weakness. No matter which way the toffs turn, no matter what lies, what shit they tell you, the NHS matters to ordinary people. Ordinary people don’t give a fuck if Labour brought in PFIs, ordinary people are being denied a voice by the establishment. When dirty DC brought in the shabby gagging bill he thought he could tame the lion. Filthy DC is a sloppy operator, and now its going pear shaped, the mamser can only scratch his head and look woeful. But no matter how much the grim bastard scratches, he isn’t Einstein, in fact he is the worst PM in the entire history of UK. Right now the arse is making mistake after mistake. The English apple is rotten to the core, its rank, it stinks of greed. When you look at the toolbox all you can see are fascists. Grayling, IDS, Pickles, May – all tarred with the same brush, understood by Lenin, when he wrote “fascism is capitalism in decay” https://protestationdotorg.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/lenin-fascism-is-capitalism-in-decay-httpprotestationdotorg-wordpress-comcategoryquotes6423-5/
The gagging bill cannot prevent the British lion from roaring. The gagging bill can be wafted aside, its a clumsy attempt at authoritarianism, by a government who were stupid enough to irritate the police and the judiciary. The police detest the government, its relevant because morale will be flagging at the critical time. Its a sign of weakness and short sightedness that the establishment have fucked off Old Bill. Old Bill can only take so much. Expect some shit to go down in the closure of the police stations. I respect Old Bill, its a relevant part of society, but society is irrelevant to these Neanderthals. As head of their tribe Thatcher said in 1978 “there is no such thing as a society” http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/106689 With their dismembering of the welfare state, the toffs will learn an excrutiating lesson. I read their bloody newsletters, I will be reaching for the popcorn soon. Willie Windsor in his helicopter will be shaking his equine head.