by ragingcrip

Tory imagination is riddled with myopia – the lack of discernment or long range perspective in thinking or planning. Myopia and greed rule the toff mentality, consequently you can now look into every government department and see gaping cracks where the fabric of society has been literally ripped apart.
Bumptious nebbish Brandon Lewis may talk glibly about the fall of unemployment in Great Yarmouth: but as everyone knows the massaging of these statistics creates irrelevancy. Like so many of these fuckwits, Brandon has been totally useless when it mattered: But lets not to be hard on the kak. He’s only guilty of myopia.
Classic myopia was seen by the response of the European Commission with their surcharge of £1700000000. Its the fault of nitwit Osborne again. To make his economy look better the idiot included prostitution and drugs in his calculations: Being a shmuck he never saw the consequences. Through gross incompetance something else happened in the Treasury – there was a break down in communicating, meaning that the surchage appears with only six weeks to pay, although the Treasury knew about in May (Chris Leslie, MP update 156). Furious and filthy DC was mortified, gibbering painfully about ‘technocrats and bureaucrats without a heart or a soul’: The stupidity will push us out of Europe, which the ahole Grayling will love, a chance to get rid of the European court of human rights. Its something the evil arse can only dream about. Meanwhile the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has waded into the row, and said that UK must pay up: “I respect that the UK wants to discuss this among ministers, but there are rules that must be kept. Countries must follow the rules as they are.”
Characteristic Tory myopia is seen in every department by this government of fuckwits. A problem which is now becoming serious are the shabby ‘reforms’ made by the monster Grayling. Lying bastard Grayling loves creating misery, cheery Chris is on a mission to pervert justice. Greedy meshugennah Grayling has created chaos out of order, the crazed rottweiler now has fangs dripping with blood: For the sake of humanity something should be done about it, dirty DC cannot stop the crazy man. The in house Probation blog, takes a very grim view of these ‘reforms’. Its a problem going down to the wire right now, with NAPO preparing to press ahead with a Judicial Review: But cheery Chris doesn’t listen to experts. Like all the other toffs he was born to rule, born to stick his fingers in his ears and say “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you” as the doughty ship Britannia collides with the iceberg. When klutz Grayling wants to make an important decision, like chosing probation workers for his detested privatisation, he has their names picked out of a hat: I read a great many newsletters from Tory MPs, I admit a grim pleasure in reading their concerns as mamser Grayling fucks up, like the Grim Reeper the ponce leaves a trail of destruction. The toolbox cannot avoid the dim truth – at every turn, brutish Grayling is a ‘walking, talking advert’ for Labour: The problem is that compulsive liar Grayling is the true face of the Nasty party, and at this rate there is still a great deal more of him.
No blog on myopia is complete without a bit of greedy monstrosity Borisconi. Buffoon Bojo exemplifies myopia. When the grimacing bastard fucked over London with his forced fire station cuts his blinkered myopia meant that the only repercussion he could see was loads of money. Like a boil that needs urgent lancing, disgraceful Borisconi compares himself repeatedly to the statesman Churchill: But the puss filled Borisconi will never be a Churchill, like all the Tories he’s a mediocrity with too much dosh. As Borisconi writes of Churchill “he wanted the risk, the exposure, the adrenalin – and the acclaim”: Unlike Borisconi, Churchill is not a symbol of greed, of myopia, of massive social cleansing. Churchill is loved because he had humanity, dignity and a massive intellect.