by ragingcrip

The grinding deceit of the establishment has lead me to sign a petition. Please sign it too, it is to charge dirty DC and meshugennah IDS with crimes against humanity:
Shameful shit-face DC used to be full of shit about the Big Society, he used to push it while the smarmy cunt cut everything else. The dirty bastard needs to be shoved in a tiny cell of one of rottweiler Grayling’s Titan jails with all the other Tory glitterati. Throw they key away – yeh – just throw it fucking away.

These cunts are a disgrace, they need to be eradicated.
When we ask, who is the biggest liar, its really hard. A prime contender is evil nebbish IDS. The bastard is now synonymous with Universal Chaos, which is a fucking disaster. At every single stage in the development the penis-brain has maintained complete stupidity. I know nothing – Duncan-Smith always hoped he would not be the quiet man forever. But the endless claims that he knew nothing about how the project was going have now been contradicted by Stephen Brien, the so-called architect of Universal Chaos at the DWP: “I would see him on a nearly daily basis. My office was across the corridor from him. I would join him for all the senior meetings about the programme. I would keep him updated as a result of the other meetings and issues I was addressing within the programme team.” Of all the Tory flagships, it has been the metamophosis of Universal Credit into Universal Chaos that has been the most shambolic. Its been a lengthy procession of ineptitude, reading out like an exceedingly poor school report:
The deceit of the toffs has lead to an increasing cost for the EU bill. Readers of this blog will recall that the dimwit George Osborne added the proceeds of prostitution and drugs to the figures to show the economy was growing. Now that filthy DC has said he can’t pay at once there will be interest. “On 1 January, if payment not made, we add 0.25% so the rate becomes 2.75%, where it remains for that month. The next month it becomes 3%, then after three months 3.25% and so on. By a year of delay, the rate is 5.5%,” said Adamowicz, the EU budget spokesman. Its going to be one of the things pushing us into an exit from Europe: The Cameron project is extremely weak, it is like a sickly weed bent right over by the weak UKIP wind. Everyone in the EU is boggled by the march to the exit: but they are missing the point. This is no normal government, this is actually the worst government in the UK of all time, but another discerning feat is they face one of the weakest oppositions of all time. Small wonder that a recent poll (04-11-14) now puts the Tories on 31%, Labour on 33% and the UKIP pretenders on 16%: It is widely understood by disadvantaged people in UK that a prime reason that Labour have shite polling is because they actively pedalled the Toff lies about welfare. Champagne Socialist Red Ed is unable to be like an ordinary person, the millionaire has no fucking clue about ordinary people, any more than gilded Farage. But Jo Public has to be emotionally appeased to get a vote:

Here is some Red Ed in 2012 talking about his love for the welfare state: “We should be totally intolerant of people who are skiving off. …. I want a health service where if people aren’t doing their jobs properly, they aren’t doing their jobs any more. We should find a way to crack down on this and stop it happening…. If people aren’t really sick then something should be done about it because the resources can’t be spared in the health service, certainly not spared on people who could be in work and aren’t.” He was also told of the frustrations of local college graduates in their 20s who work hard but cannot afford to get onto the property ladder, while some of their contemporaries are content to live off benefits. Mr Miliband said: “I said we would create jobs for young people but they have to take the jobs. It’s a really important principle. They have to take responsibility.” Lies, lies, lies. You cannot pretend to be strong when you lie about the welfare state. It takes a strong person to stand up for the weak and the vulnerable. Red Ed demonstrated years ago he is not of that calibre. With the weakness of Gordon Brown, and the decade of shite from Tony Blair the toolbox knew the time had come to go for gold. With its inability to stand up for the working classes there is no longer any point in Labour. Red Ed is so weak he endlessly has faced open goals from putz Osborne, but instead of putting the ball in the net, the dimwit has scratched his balls. Likewise it is no mystery that the shadow chancellor is Ed Balls. Here’s some recent crap from the toolbox: Every day these fuckwits pedal out more of their shite.