Assisted Dying

by ragingcrip

Today the assisted dying bill of Lord Falconer is returning to the House of Posh Fuck. But don’t be swayed by the pomp and the circumstance. Don’t be swayed by the pains of people who are depressed, in pain, or who simply cannot do what they did last year. They call this an assisted dying bill, but its class war, in the poisonous atmosphere of welfare reform, this bill is about legalising murder. Now the doughty ship Britannia is actually slamming into the iceberg, this bill is so bloody dangerous in these troubled times, that it infact heralds a human rights atrocity. The seething mamser Grayling cannot wait to get us out of the European Court of Human Rights. The present toolbox have total disrespect for human rights, rightly they are now under investigation by the United Nations for ‘grave violations’: The assisted dying bill has not simply appeared, it has been shoved into prominence. The arrogant Nazi regime which labelled disabled people as ‘useless eaters’ are now seen as a revolting obscenity on the consciousness of humanity: But the establishment in UK cannot hide their hatred and resentment for the poor and the disabled, its contained in every spiteful clause of the welfare reform bill. Living outside the rigid normality of the capitalism ideal, how dare disabled people or the poor expect to live a life, how dare we have shoes, how dare we have clothing which is not tattered rags, how dare we talk about personal assistants, how dare we have an education.

About me – I am a survivor – I have had brain cancer, remarkably super-shmeril Iain Duncan Smith saved my life – but I am anonynmous for now, for legal reasons. I became disabled when I was 26. I was depressed at first, sure, but I went through the dark hole with millions of others and I came out bloody kicking.
Anyone who is old, anyone who is mentally ill, anyone who no longer can make a buck, this bill is about fucking you over. Lets be blatent here and quote from the Yanks, after all Lord Falconer’s Bill is based on laws passed in Oregon.
“It must be recognized that assisted suicide and euthanasia will be practiced through the prism of social inequality and prejudice that characterizes the delivery of services in all segments of society, including HEALTH CARE. Those who will be most vulnerable to abuse, error, or indifference are the poor, minorities, and those who are least educated and least empowered.” It must be recognized that assisted suicide and euthanasia will be practiced through the prism of social inequality and prejudice that characterizes the delivery of services in all segments of society, including HEALTH CARE.
“While our society aspires to eradicate discrimination and the most punishing effects of poverty in employment practices, housing, education, and law enforcement, we consistently fall short of our goals. The costs of this failure with assisted suicide and euthanasia would be extreme. Nor is there any reason to believe that the practices, whatever safeguards are erected, will be unaffected by the broader social and medical context in which they will be operating. This assumption is naive and unsupportable.”
— New York State Task Force on Life and the Law
“When Death Is Sought: Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the Medical Context,” 1994

There are some people who say to me ridiculous things – like the country cannot afford disabled people. But then they cannot deny that UK is the fourth richest country in the world: In ugly Condem UK the rich rob from the poor to glut the ultra rich, the fuckwit George Osborne believes he can hack with impunity: He actually thinks he can hack it all away, even while the arse lavishes £110 billion on replacing nuclear missiles, and £40 billion on the HS2 railway, just so that cunts with too much money can shave 20 minutes off their journies to Manchester. Filthy DC has decided that disabled people are a waste of space the country cannot afford. As dirty DC toured the Tory heartlands after the flooding in February 2014, wearing his doleful face and weaaring his wellies, the plonker declared “money is no object”:

In the bleak neoliberal hell-hole where money trumps everything else, the grim reality is that monetary restraint is the sole criteria of this shitty government. So fuck pain, fuck decency, fuck independence, cancer treatments cost too much – here’s a £5 lethal cocktail – go figure. In Oregon, the results now speak for themselves. People have been killing themselves for pathetic reasons, with less than 3% getting psychological evaluations: They will tell you that the proposed bill only applies to “mentally competent” adults with terminal illnesses. It provides strict legal safeguards to ensure the legislation is not abused and would require patient to self-administer the drugs but what they dont tell you is how the law is manipulated by a government full of sharks who would sell their mother’s medical organs for a fast buck. There is plenty of dosh in human body parts. A kidney trades on the black market in USA at $212000, heart is $119000, liver is $157000: Then there is the money which unscrupulous family members can extract from old people. Filthy DC wants us all to have zero morals, he wants us to not give a shit about anyone. In his culture of me-me-me everyone is encouraged to fuck over everyone else.