Knife Edge

by ragingcrip

Knife Edge

It does not matter what shabby shit the tool-box tell you. NHS finances are now on a ‘knife edge’: Yes, the tool-box have finally run out of sticking plasters, indeed I reported a few weeks ago that the tool-box had spent money they would have spent on a winter crisis on a sticking plaster, the Private Eye magazine reported on this. It is well known that there is now a looming financial crisis in the NHS: The disturbing fact is that privatisation and destruction of the NHS has now gone so far down the line by the government, that it can now only be saved by a revolution, timid Milibean cannot stop it. Its an accident now just waiting to happen: The comprehensive way the toolbox have sold off all the services at Staffordshire cancer and care marks a new low in the disgraceful picking on the NHS carcass by vultures (Morning Star November 07 2014, p1). Bank rolled by the super rich filthy DC can always find dosh – he just announced £15 billion to upgrade roads in marginals: The huge sums wasted on quantitive easing are eye watering: – But there is one good thing – pay day lending companies are on the ropes:

Only now with six months to the GE is the Labour party entering crisis:, people who are not from the far left of Labour are prospecting the Blairite wanker Alan Johnson: Milibean has got himself in such financial straits that the dufus is even having to rattle his begging bowl at the trade unions, but wait – the lizard Tony Blair has the chutzpah to offer to bankroll Labour: That’s going to make a huge difference? Its shameful to watch the champagne socialist on the ropes: With Scottish Labour in meltdown its an accident waiting to happen. Stalwart Kitty Jones however defends the indefensible:

The various cocknuggets are still pretending that nothing is happening. Tory Nebbish Brandon Lewis the MP of Great Yarmouth has been in the ludicrous position of pretending to help victims of domestic violence (newsletter 114). Meanwhile Andy Sawford, one of the few MPs I like, is advertising the fundraising event for the foodbank in Corby, Northamptonshire in his newsletter (November 2014 Community Noticeboard). All Tories love pushing charities in their newsletters, the ahole Clifton-Brown (Tory Cotswolds) pushes the charity Meningitis Now (07 Nov 2014). The former Eton poshy: loves ripping off the tax payer: Mr Richard Graham (Tory Gloucester) has written bollocks about the EU surcharge of £1.7 Billion in a recent letter to constituents: “Nor should anyone be surprised when the EU sends us an unexpected bill for £1.7 billion. It’s a revision of relative GDP going back to 1995. We outperform the blokes next door, who’ve made a right old mess of things – and the EU’s reaction looks like ‘well done: and here’s an enormous retrospective tax bill. Payable in one month unless you want interest on the £1.7bn’.” (06-11-14) So – all together now – no Mr Graham – the surcharge was created because the filthy-dimwit George Osborne included money raised through prostitution and drugs in order to vaunt the economic recovery : Now fuckwit George is at the wheel as we crash, the deficit is actually going up and up:
The establishment are determined not to allow the people a voice. When thousands rallied in London, as they have now done again and again since 2010 there was NO reporting: But one thing we do have is gobshite from freak Katie Hopkins: We have a huge amount of shite about minor celebrities, and we have allowed the debauched arse Borisconi to join the fray. The greedy clowning cocknugget will be thrown in confusion when the British lion roars. The monarchy in UK depends on the lion not roaring. To placate the lion ordinary people were given a decent life, a decent standard of living, in fact all the things now being dismantled by the fucking freak Osborne. The by election of Rochester and Strood on November 20 could trigger a Tory implosion. So many variables in the volatile situation. Now we have entered the six month gagging period anything is possible.