by ragingcrip

In the grim period of crashing into the iceberg, benefit sanctions for disabled people are now shooting up at an alarming rate: Its disgusting to watch my community being terrorized by this bunch of mega rich toffs. Every day I read of new people who have taken their lives after having their benefits slashed: Ludicrously the DWP put the actual figure at 60 since 2012: The truth was bound to eventually emerge, its now emerging: Four out of five referrals to Food Banks are directly because of benefit sanctions:,2ZCHG,FK92RM,AQKYD,1 At the Assembly Rooms in Chingford unemployed people were ordered to attend a job fair on Friday on threat of benefit sanctions: Chief fuckwit IDS was even there although the lying cunt made a quick exit: ‘Mr Duncan Smith arrived early to Chingford Assembly Hall in Station Road, spoke to the 40-plus businesses and public sector employees and then left before the doors opened to the public.’ (Chingford Guardian 14/11/14).

A rare MP I actually like is Andy Sawford, the MP of Corby. Mr Sawford writes a weekly newsletter, an amusing part of it deals with the £1.7 billion EU surchage accrued by the fuckwit Osborne: “On Monday (10-11-14) the Chancellor was asked an Urgent Question in the House of Commons about the £1.7 billion surcharge that Britain has been asked to pay to the EU Budget. The backdated bill of £1.7 billion is clearly unacceptable and I am sure that many people will share my disappointment and frustration at the way the Government and the EU Commission have mishandled this. The Treasury must have been aware that Britain was going to be hit with a larger bill from the EU and yet the Prime Minister and the Chancellor did nothing about it. Now the Chancellor is claiming that he has halved this Bill but this account is not supported by any other EU Finance Minister or independent commentator. The reality is that the Chancellor has failed to reduce our contribution by a single penny in the last two weeks and has totally failed to get a better deal for the British taxpayer. Instead, he is now simply counting a rebate that Britain was due anyway and was never in doubt. The British people deserve better than this. We need a Government that can build alliances in Europe and deliver for Britain.” Similar Tory arrogance is seen in the Newsletter of Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Tory Cotswolds); here the millionaire nebbish is blathering on about education for disabled people: “I was also pleased to visit the National Star College, with whom I have worked for many years. It is a truly fantastic institution which provides excellent care and services to its students, many of whom have severe mental and physical needs and the College does a wonderful job in teaching them how to overcome these disabilities and lead as normal a life as possible. Whilst I was visiting I participated in a documentary about the life of the students which is likely to appear on the BBC. In the meantime I am continuing my campaign for fair funding for the College. The National Star College benefits from some of the most up to date and innovative technology available. For example I met one student who could not speak, but has a computer where they can focus their eyes on a letter to form words. This is a remarkable thing which hugely improves their quality of life. ” (14-11-14) The out of touch klutz Brandon Lewis (Tory Great Yarmouth) vaunts employment figures in his weekly newsletter: “Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show more good news for Great Yarmouth. Compared to October 2010, the number of Great Yarmouth residents claiming JSA has fallen by 41.5%. These figures are in line with the good news across the UK, with employment up by 694,000 people since last year.” (14-11-14) Yes, and we’re all in it together, init.
Only now, and with telling arrogance, are Labour starting to realise that there is a threat to them from the left from the Green party: I joined the Green party today. Labour are starting to realise that a so called ‘Green surge’ could keep them out of Westminster, in the same way as UKIP are also preventing the Tories. Its really shaken up timid Labour: Its a reason why everyone must push this petition: The rise of UKIP is symptomatic of hitting the iceberg, the UKIP surge in is about to take Rochester and Strood despite the uncharismatic Reckless:
The policies of the Greens are far more radical than pathetic Labour can go, but sad Labour are also under pressure from the SNP. Some people in Labour are pushing the nebbish Jim Murphy to Labour leader in Scotland, and this hot air balloon has rightly been pricked by Red Len: Sturgeon is a canny player, the left in Scotland have got their act together:

Meanwhile the NHS is still in crisis: But its actually not what filthy DC is most scared of. Filthy DC is scared of another big banking collapse: The next big banking collapse is not at all a surprise actually. Its the iceberg, everyone in my community has been looking at it for years, scratching their heads. The Westmonster in its arrogance is now complacent. Last week the fuckers were caught out again. The newsletter of Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham East) writes (14-11-14): “Yet another banking scandal came to the fore this week when the Financial Conduct Authority announced fines for several of the major banks who had been engaged in manipulating the foreign exchange benchmark prices in order to boost their own traders’ profits and bonuses, rather than in the interests of their clients. I discussed this scandal as the news broke on Tuesday’s BBC Newsnight programme and called for tougher reform – something I tried to push Ministers on years ago, but they ignored.” You would think the Tool-box would do the sensible thing and plough this £1.1 billion windfall into the NHS. But meanwhile we have a bunch of fuckwits with control of the steering wheel of the doughty ship Britannia, saying to each other, “the iceberg is irrelevant. What’s important is shifting the position of the fucking deck chairs.” A lot of people have been shouting at them, experts have been saying what is wrong, but instead of listening the twerps have had their fingers in their ears. The toffs have fiddled while Rome has burnt, like undisciplined children they have shouted together “la, la, la, we can’t hear you”. Instead dirty shmuck DC is frantically pushing the TTIP, a deal which would considerably fuck up humanity: