by ragingcrip

The arrogance of the bloated elite has not yet dampened. Filthy DC wants to venerate the wicked witch with a museum costing £15000000. Joking shit-head DC actually thinks young people will be venerating her after he shat on them from the greatest height. With his usual chutzpah the freak goes: “I am delighted that young people will be able to come to the Thatcher Centre and learn about her achievements, and ensure her legacy lives on.” There have been some victories, they must be enjoyed, they don’t feel regular, but they will be one day. Ordinary people embarrassed and beat back the bastards Benyon, who were acting reprehensibly with the New Era estate in Hoxton, London, Redrow have pulled out of Commercial Street – London, and there have been some workfare victories:
Like maggots in decaying timber, the bullies have all appeared at once, they love to kick down. Show them someone vulnerable and poor, they come out with shit like Alexa Michael, the Tory councillor of Bromley. The seething bitch hates disabled people, her comments are famed. Talking with her usual charm about the effects of Welfare Reform, she comes out with : “It is neither the Councils or the Government’s responsibility that people die due to policy’s, if they die, they die” . Sign this petition to get rid of the trout: Yet its the unemployed who are bearing a brunt of the benefit sanctions. 50000 were sanctioned in Liverpool since 2012: In Birmingham they used Fraud staff to harass people off benefits: They detest poor people in Westminster, its no wonder they are determined to shut down the Westminster soup kitchen: Its actually repulsive to watch these nebbochim sell off our NHS: at the same time as listening to the mantra of ‘we are all in this together’. While saying he wants to save the NHS, timid Miliband wears a blue tie, he wants us to believe we are all in this together: The dirty pretender Farage loves the notion ‘we are all in this together’:

In the disgraceful ‘me, me, me’ culture of filthy DCs Britain, everyone is perceived as on the make. Dirty DC wants you to believe that kindness and humanity no longer exists. Even some charities are now ripping people off: But one thing which dirty DC can do nothing about is altering public opinion. The working classes are now fucking sick of austerity. They’ve had enough of endless hacking while the bloated elite have socialism. Like techtonic plates public opinion is moving from under the feet of filthy DC: Dirty DC and shitty Osbo are far from being the brains of Britain, the born to rule fuckwits wont be studying public opinion, in the last year the deficit actually went up by 10% and the cuts are not even half way through with another £56000000000 at least to be found. Councils are already at the tipping point: Sounds like the butcher Pickles needs to wheel out Pricewaterhousecoopers again.
Back in the real world, poor people cannot pay their council tax. Its important because its going to bankrupt the councils, as they are already pushing to find millions of quid for the grotesque butcher Pickles. While the monster wastes £500000 on limousines: and £30000+ on biscuits a year: its ordinary people that are picking up the tab, a hallmark of this government is that the less money you have, the more the government want: The impact of council tax benefit is one of the least known of all the Condem ‘reforms’. Its a complete postcode lottery, some councils like that of remarkable Rahman can completely wipe theirs out: My council made a more gradual transition: It is an area which I would like to ask the False Economy campaign to investigate. Its no surprise that tenant evictions are now at an all term high:,2ZHWY,FK92RM,AR1FV,1