by ragingcrip

The crisis in social care is rarely reported on, but that does not mean it is not occurring. In the topsy-turvey Neoliberal world, everything is short term. In the me-me-me culture its all about the fast back, damn the consequence, sell off every public service, fuck over every gain made by the working class. Yet although the area of social care directly impacts on the NHS through the bed blocking saga, its an area politicians refuse to look at it: A third of councils have now abandoned their meals on wheels services, and there are very wide variations in provision: With the local authority cuts of the grotesque butcher Pickles, the national damage is obscene. Take Harrow Council for example. The tosser Pickles has cut the budget of Harrow by 55%, its supposed to make cuts of £75 million over four years. The council want to cut every local service they can, its a fucking stupid idea, it actually will cost everyone more in the long run. Everyone will be forced to use the overstretched services of Northwick Park Hospital. Thats why I am urging people to sign the petition to stop it:

The social care crisis is closely intertwined with the NHS crisis. When the NHS goes, so will social care. The toff-tossers love to run down the NHS, they’ve been doing it for years, but without it, the effect would be absolutely devastating. Without it UK would suddenly be plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe. The recent developments at Colchester Hospital are a huge canary in the mine: But there’s much more to come:

The braying Tory press have no answer to the crisis. When they frenziedly stuck their knives in the working classes in 2010-2014 they had no long term plan for what would be. A typical answer from the main stream media is to keep filming their repulsive Benefit Street program with so called Love Film and Channel 4. I detest it. I think its shite. Please sign this petition: The media are terrified of the British Lion, because when it wakes up they know it has to be immediately mollified at the greatest cost to the rich. Its much easier to control with media drivel, the carefree laughter of the playboy prince and images of minor celebrities enjoying life. The media pretend the social care crisis is not unfolding, but before they know it, it will break Britain.
Dirty DC wants us to believe that he has to keep hacking public services. The grim bastard has even forced the Marxist John Major to spout that ordinary people were “concerned and worried” that “none of the growth in the economy has yet reached wage packets or salary slips” (Morning Star 18-11-14, 1). Like him or loathe him, Major is from working class backgrounds. He knows the real world, unlike the born-to-rule tossers in charge. Its been repeatedly demonstrated that cuts on public spending are not working: Limp Labour are unable to break through, their useless shadow secretary of pension and work Rachel Reeves can only continue in a Tory-light vein while banging on about immigration: In the social care crisis the woman is as useful as a chocolate kettle, but its not all her fault – she’s symptomatic of a much bigger crisis. Unable to support the working class, Labour’s crisis is evidenced the most in Scotland. Labour have really dropped the ball in Scotland, it could lead to the breaking of Labour. In the breaking of Labour Findlay is important. Findlay has broken ground against nebbish Murphy in Scottish Labour selection: Findlay is someone who can open red water, which is necessary if Labour stand any chance in Scotland against the SNP: