by ragingcrip

The evil government believe they are above the law. The tool box believe they can control the law, their outrageous tampering of the law, will be biting them in the bum. Unpleasant bastard Mitchell exemplifies the arrogance that senior Tories treat the law with. To recap, the fuckwit Mitchell began the Plebgate saga even before the allegations made by repeatedly talking to the police in his repugnant born to rule way. Ordinary people respect the police, ordinary people understand that police are a necessary part of society, but shameless Tories believe there is “no such thing as a society” as the wicked witch said in 1987: But the minister without a fucking portfolio stands head and shoulders above ‘society’ by reason of his being born with a silver spoon up his arse, his guilded life, his army career, his fucking education, and his links with the City of Corruption: Years ago, even before Plebgate, swinging dick Mitchell was displaying a contempt which is natural to a Tory: But the kaizer Mitchell cannot let go of the Plebgate issues, the dirty bastard is using £15000 of public money to investigate the Plebgate incident, to prove he was set up. Its the kind of arrogance we have seen again and again by Tory twerps, for example when Jeremy Cunt used public money to challenge Lewisham Hospital:; or when major bum-hole Osborne used public money to try and stop the city of Corruption from paying a meagre financial transaction tax:

Tory arrogance is to be seen all over society, an area where the toolbox have lost control is the NHS. Blinded by their ignorance, drunk with the stink of massive dosh, the grim bastards shot themselves in the foot by chucking po faced Lansley’s hand grenade in the NHS. When these toffs see beauty they destroy it, when the toffs see a small animal move they reach for their tweeds and pistols, but what really annoyed them about the NHS is that it was popular and not making money. As with everything else in their world, money trumps everything else, so fuck the doctors, fuck the nurses, fuck the whole medical establishment, in retrospect its a shame the arse wasn’t blown up when he worked for seething Lord Tebbit in 1984. The Daily Heil have been ceaselessly denigrating the NHS, its actually disgusting to see, they have been bleating about the NHS in Wales, aided by filthy DC: Dirty, dirty bastards are ceaselessly attacking the services that ordinary people rely on. The toffs are getting nervous now the NHS is crumbling as a direct result of the Health and Social Care Act. Senior Tories are now admitting that the ‘unintelligible gobbledegook’ of the NHS reforms was ‘a huge error’. It was a bill so poorly written that it had to be ammended 2000 times: The huge error of the NHS will be biting the toffs where it hurts. Two thousand fucking ammendments. At least we can all breath a sigh of relief that Willie Windsor is flying out to help us with his helicopter chums: – members of the East England public will be able to relish the irony that the establishment shafts us and saves us at the same time.

Tory arrogance is profound with benefits, particularly with the orchestration of Universal Chaos: While poor people pay the price of the toffs shafting UK, its the poor tax payer that foots the bill while the evil nebbish Iain Duncan Smith shovels an eye watering £1250000000+ into the bin: Instead of this out of touch elite apologising, the shits are making ordinary people foot the bill. These monsters even pretend to be helping people with Universal Chaos: The same nonsense of tough love is pedalled out as an excuse for disasterous reforms of the prison service and the probation service. Here is some filthy DC drivel from 2011: “This is what victims and society deserve… And the society bit matters. Retribution is not a dirty word; it is important to society that revulsion against crime is properly recognised, and acted on by the state on our behalf”: The arrogance of the freak Grayling in this area is profound – like IDS, the brutal fuckwit cannot believe he has control of so many vulnerable people. Here the shmeril seethes: “I want the arrival in prison for the first time to be an experience that is not one they’d want to repeat. That means an environment where they arrive [where] standards are pretty basic and then they start to gain extras by contributing… and if they won’t do it, then they can’t expect to start gaining those privileges.”

Greedy arse Boris Johnson is notable for his arrogance and stupidity. Fuck-face Bojo doesn’t give a damn how he trashes London. The only thing the bastard gives a damn about is mountains of dosh. The destruction his stupidity and arrogance causes leaves a wreck in his path permanently altering the face of London: Like a gigantic debauched turd with a wrecking ball, the clowning cock messes up repeatedly, pretending to have a wit, his water canons now cranked for the winter of discontent. The promotion of Bojo is his sole project, the populist bastard will be thrown to oblivion when the British Lion roars.